orange lipsticks

This summer's makeup looks seem to be all about opposites--bright, bold infusions of color or completely nude.  Here are 5 of the best summer makeup trends we love, as well as a few helpful tips for keeping your fabulous style from melting away.

Orange lips.  Poor Taylor Swift, red has gone away and orange is the new color in town.  Don't be skeptical--there is an orange out there for everyone. Go and play around at the makeup counter.  It could be that your orange is bright and loud, or just a subtle coral.  Either way, you're going to look great.  Want to go way understated with this trend?  Use a lip gloss with an orange tint.

graphic blue eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow.  Can I tell you how much I did not love this trend when I first heard blue eyeshadow was back?  Memories of 1980s Avon ladies flooded my mind, and I wanted to know what sort of sadist wanted to resurrect this dated look.  But then I saw the new blue.  Washes of pale blue shadow over the lid, graphic liner, and smoky eyes, all seemed much more fashionable now.  Want a less-is-more approach?  MAC Prussian Blue eyeliner makes every eye color pop and makes the whites of your eyes seem brighter.  Pair with a golden-nude shadow and you are good to go!

Faux sunkissed.  Save your skin from baking in the rays, and fake the perfect beach glow.  Add bronzer to your cheeks and contour around your face.  Those who have lighter skin may want to find a bronzer that incorporates a little bit of rosy pink (to avoid looking like you have gone AWOL in camouflage paint).

Purple nails.  Purple is such a popular color this year, especially for a mani/pedi.  Find the best purple for your skin tone, and don't worry about being matchy-matchy. Color your toes in a different purple, either several shades darker or lighter. Have fun!

No-makeup at all.  We've all seen the "brave" celebrities on Instagram that take pictures without makeup (I will save you the experience of my diatribe on whether or not Kate Upton showing off her freshly-scrubbed face really constitutes bravery).  And we are not talking about "natural" makeup looks, by the way (because we all know that a "natural" look takes 15 products and twice as many minutes).  Throw on some concealer, moisturizer, and sunscreen and head out.

Nars powder bronzer
light purple manicure

When it comes to summer makeup, no woman wants to be a melty mess.  To keep your makeup looking sharp, make sure that you know which products in your bag tend to flake, smudge, or feather.  You will want to either save those items for cooler evenings, or put them away until fall.  Remember to wear moisturizer and sunscreen, always.  Products like primers will help cosmetics stay in place.  But my favorite summer beauty tip?  Use a lighter hand.  Wear a little less lipstick, a little less mascara.  You can go back to your deep jewel tones and winged liner in the fall, but for now embrace summer.

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