Color wheel of varying fall nail polishes, brands and colors.

I can't remember a season when nail polish colors were so diverse! From decadent jewel tones to crazy colors to not-so-boring neutrals (my fave new trend), the colors this autumn will inspire you to keep your mani/pedi appointments way past summer!

10. Graphite by Chanel. Silver with a punch of green tones. Perfect with a LBD for a night out.

9. Glamour Purse by Essie. Sweet neutral almond blush. A great companion with gray wool sweaters finally pulled down from the top shelf.

8. Bluey by Butter. This bright peacock blue stays chic while still making sure you get noticed.

7. Starry Pink by Revlon. Silvery glittery pink goodness. Normally, I am not a glitter fan, but this is pretty darn cute.

6. Lofty Ambitions by China Glaze. Super hot, kinda vampy, deep burgundy wine.

5. Ceasefire by Scotch Naturals. Creamy olive khaki. Great with a navy blazer or jean jacket.

4. Red Royalty by Dior. Blue based cherry red. Ready to bring out the 1940s screen siren in all of us.

3. I'm a Belieber by Nicole. Terrible name, great color. Shiny grape-colored awesomeness.

2. Are we there yet? by Opi. Juicy melon shade is terrific for the summer to fall wardrobe transition.

1. Slick Slate by Sally Hansen. Hands down my favorite fall color. This "greige" neutral is anything but a Plain Jane and goes with just about everything.

Image: Refinery 29