bride with wavy hair
Photo: bride with wavy hair wears half up style

Tons of Volume

Sometimes very full and wavy hair can be just as difficult to manage as curly hair. We love this half-up style above that embraces the volume, rather than fight against it.

braided bridal hairstyle
Photo: bride with curly hair wears long braid with floral accents

A Fishtail Braid

If you want a structured hairstyle for curly hair, but don't want to put it in an updo, consider a gorgeous fishtail braid. You can show off your hair's texture at the top and wrangle your voluminous tresses into a very cool hairstyle. The boho bride chose to weave in floral and botanical accents. More modern brides could use geometric bobby pins instead.

bride with curly hair
Photo: bride with curly hair styled into a faux hawk with braid

A Slight Case of Faux Hawk

We adore this modern bride's ultra-glam hairstyle that takes a walk on the wild side. Swept to one side courtesy of pins and a heavy braid, this fascinating updo lets the curls take center stage.

sideswept updo for curly hair
Photo: bride with curly hair in updo swept to one side

Sideswept Sophistication

Take the hottest looks and turn them into a perfect hairstyle for curly hair. You are going to fall head over heels for this simple, sideswept bun. Highlight your hair's natural texture which still rocking a bun that is slightly askew to one side.

bride with natural hair
Photo: bride with natural, curly hair in very modern and full updo

Modern French Twist

Take the classic French twist and give it a thoroughly updated interpretation with this grand updo. Taking nothing away from this bride's abundant curls, the updo twists everything up and away so that you can show off your wedding dress. The whole look is softened even more by letting a few tendrils naturally fall out.

curly hair with floral crown
Photo: bride with curly hair in tucked updo and floral crown

Crowning Glory

Brides with thick, natural hair look fabulous with their tight curls tucked into an elegant chignon. The bride above added a floral crown which made the whole style extra special.

woman with long curly hair
Photo: woman wears her curly hair down in full ringlets

Deep Side Part

One common complaint from brides with curly locks is that their hair "sort of just does one thing." If you are worried that wearing your hair down for your wedding isn't special enough, think again! Put a new spin on your usual style by using a deep side part (much to the envy of the rest of us, curly-haired gals can get away with this technique and still be subtle).

bride with curly hair
Photo: boho bride with long curly hair worn free

Princess-Worthy Locks

If you have hair that rivals that of Brave's Merida, we can't figure out why on earth you would want to have it straightened! Of course, the grass is always greener, but this stunning bride above proves that curly hair is pretty much wedding-ready. Okay, with the help of a whole lot of product, we know. But, still, hairstyles for curly hair don't need to be more complicated than this.

curly hair half-up hairstyle
Photo: bride with curly hair wears a half up style with a descending braid
Lovely bride rocking her natural curls on wedding day! Love!
Photo: bride with curly hair

Braided Style

If you've got a big hair, you might think that half-up hairstyles would look too messy, or make your hair look out of balance. But they really don't, so long as you can harness all that volume! Use braids either on the side, descending at an angle (above, left), or on top of your head like a headband (above, right) to tame those tresses!

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