Finding the perfect hairstyle to wear through your wedding day can take some serious thought. You'll be adding and possibly removing a headpiece or veil, heading down the aisle, taking dozens upon dozens of photos and spending some quality time celebrating, although not necessarily in that order. Then there's the venue to consider - will your wedding be inside or outside? Will it be windy? Humid? Perfectly clear and absolutely still? Fortunately, there's one particular hairstyle that's at the top of our trend lists and the perfect option for nearly any situation and style: a halo braid.

elegant halo braided hairstyle for wedding

Also called a crown braid, this wedding hairstyle is simultaneously simple and elegant and may be the perfect choice for romantic wedding hair. It can easily be kept neat and sleek or softened for a more sentimental or almost fairy tale type look, and works perfectly with vintage lace and modern dresses alike. Even better, a halo braid is easy to accomplish on your own and can be a sweet look for bridal showers or engagement parties as well as the wedding itself!

It's safe to say that I'm a fan of halo braids (dutch halo braids are my personal favorite for their chunky texture and interesting, layered effect), but I hope I speak for brides everywhere when I say that I'd be happy to see this hair trend stick around for a while. Keep scrolling for piles of wedding hair inspiration - and one of my favorite halo braid hair tutorials at the bottom.

bridesmaid with a sleek crown braid
soft crown braid and chignon
simple crown braided wedding hair
half crown braid hairstyle
halo braid hairstyle with flowers
romantic halo braid wedding hair
halo braid hairstyle with ribbon
chunky dutch halo braid
halo braid wedding hairstyle with veil
romantic dutch halo braid

This hairstyle happens to have a beautifully styled and very straightforward tutorial by the talented Amanda Gros - learn how to dutch halo braid from her here.

romantic dutch brown braid

Now here's the part where we all learn how to halo braid together - as I said, I love a good dutch halo braid and Refinery29 has a fantastic video tutorial. There's also a super pretty tutorial for the halo braid using a ribbon (shown above), which you can find over here. What do you think - will you try this braided wedding hairstyle on for size?


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