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The easiest way to receiving wedding gifts you and your spouse-to-be actually want and need? By creating a registry of your favorite items, of course! Whipping up these gift lists, however, may seem a lot easier than distributing that info to your guests. If you’re conflicted about next steps—namely, how to tell your friends and family where you registered in a tasteful way—don’t be. A registry is a traditional wedding tool and your guests know it’s coming. Still, it’s normal to wonder about the best way to get gift info out there, since the most obvious strategy (on your invitation!) is a major no-no. Here are three respectful methods to ensure that all of your guests are in the registry know.


Word of Mouth

Your wedding probably won’t be your guests’ first, so you can assume that they’ll ask for guidance if they need it. Inform your parents, immediate family, and your bridal party—the people your guests will most-likely turn to—of where you’ve registered, so that they’ll be able to pass along the information discreetly. Of course, if a guest asks you directly, it’s fine to tell them where to go, but it’s more tactful for others to communicate anything gift-related on your behalf.

Create a Wedding Website

It’s common to include all registry, honeymoon fund, or donation information on your wedding website—after all, if you’ve included a link to your website with your invitations, that’s where guests go to learn more about your big day. The key to this, though, is (again!) discretion. Try to avoid making categories bluntly titled “Gift Giving” or “Our Registry.” Instead, include a link to your registry in a general information tab, with other things your guests need to know before the wedding, like dress code, hotel availability, and transportation.

Include an Information Card with Your Invites

Information inserts are an easy way to hint at where to find your registry. Along with listing those aforementioned wedding semantics, write that guests can learn “more” about your wedding on your wedding website. They’ll know what you mean! Simply include the link and let your guests do the clicking—and the gift-giving—once they’re there.