Has wedding planning turned you into a crazy person? Are your besties complaining that they never get to see you anymore? Take a break and grab a friend and find a fun class in your area. Chances are you will have a blast, and bring home some super memories (along with your newly acquired ability to mime or toss pizza dough).  Here are a few classes around the country that I thought might inspire you:

Learn how to cook vegetarian and make whole grain bread. Good for the pre-wedding diet and also for long-term health.

Try your hand at a pottery class. Maybe it will turn out. Maybe not so much. Maybe Demi Moore just made it look really easy in Ghost.

Prepare a sexy striptease for your future hubby with a burlesque dance class.

Plan a camping trip, but first make sure you know the basics. Take a class in equipment performance and first aid.

With the holiday season right around the corner, make sure that your gingerbread house wows the future mother-in-law. This class offers New Yorkers a hands-on decorating workshop. And if you eat it right afterwards, no one will tell.

Photo Credit: Whitney Lee Photography