Summer is over. Finally, irrevocably, completely. Which is fantastic because it just so happens that I love fall (adore fall might be more like it. The colors, the smells, the fact that it will soon be okay for me to put pumpkin in everything I eat - okay, I might be a little bit obsessed.). And, while it is incredibly difficult to beat a wedding on a cool summer evening...well, let's just say that crisp fall twilight gives pretty much every kind of evening a run for its money.

But. Before we leap headlong into autumn leaves and candlelight and apple pie-laden dessert tables, I want to look back on two of my favorite things about summer weddings right now: ribbons and string lights. Mostly because I loved the rustic bent that both contribute to an outdoor summer wedding - but also because each has a brilliant tendency to lead to photos as wonderful as the one above.

Did you see this trend this past summer? I'm not sure if it was my highly selective tunnel vision or if they were really both as popular as I think, but I feel like ribbons and string lights were in every place and every form from colors to neutrals and twinkle lights to lovely round-bulbed cafe styles.

One thing I truly love about both these details is the atmosphere they instantly lend to a wedding. Color, definitely. With a little bit of wind, motion. A polished sense of handmade love and care. And, of course, mood lighting to top it all off. Because there's not much thatâ's better than a sweet first dance under glowing twinkle lights. Or a rafter, chair, or even a tree, draped with ribbons.

Ah, summer weddings, you and your accompanying details. I can't wait to have you back and see what you bring along next year. But what about you? What were your favorite summer wedding trends?

Photo Credit: Tara Welch Photography