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DIY party invitation shaped like a pineapple
Photo: Oh Happy Day

Filled Pineapple

DIY party invitations should be as fun to make as they are to receive. Pineapples have been such a party hit this summer. Fill this DIY invite to a tropical-themed bachelorette party with candies, confetti, or silly favors.

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DIY confetti popper invitation
Photo: Hooray

Confetti Popper

Speaking of confetti, invite your gal pals to a bachelorette party via an explosion of that glittering paper. Create a garland invite and tuck inside the popper, or just put the details on the exterior label, as shown here.

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Hangover Kit

Where there is a bachelorette party, there are bound to be a few hangovers. Prepare your friends for the aftermath of the crazy fun with an invitation on the inside of a handy hangover kit.

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Personalized Hammers

With a spirited play on words hinting at an evening spent with bros and beers, these hammer invitations are certainly creative.

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Bag of Peanuts

Are the fellas headed to a ball game for his bachelor party? Invite them with a bag of roasted peanuts with the invitation details printed on the outside.

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Cigar Favor

For the traditionalist groom, a bachelor party without cigars just wouldn't be right. Print out an invite and line the top of the box, or simply add the details to a gift tag.

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Library Theme

For a bookworm bride, perhaps nothing is quite so appropriate as a literary shower. This library themed invitation is easy to make yourself.

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DIY bridal shower invite with tea bag
Photo: Sugar Lander

Tea Party

Planning a bridesmaid tea? This sweet tea bag with personalized printed label is very cute. For a matching favor idea, have guests create their own tea blend from a selection of teas and herbs.

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Put a Bow On It

This origami bow is so much easier than it looks. Create dynamic DIY party invitations in different papers, either making an assortment of unique combinations or sticking to one design.

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Bridesmaid Brunch

As if donuts need to look more inviting! Try this cute colorblock technique with delicious powdered donuts and send them out to invite your besties to a bridal shower or bridesmaid brunch.