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Classic Letterpress

Although many couples opt for wedding programs that are elaborate and highly-stylized, some brides and grooms prefer simple wedding programs with only the most basic information. This beautiful letterpress design is concise and traditional.

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Bold Font

If you do want to put more information in your program, but not at the cost of your minimalist preferences, use a folded or booklet wedding program with a bold font on the cover.

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wedding program with floral watercolor illustration at top
Photo: Crate & Petal

Just a Splash of Color

Add just a bit of color and you still won't have to sacrifice a clean layout. This long wedding program outlines a basic schedule for the ceremony and lists the wedding party members.

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Themed Header

If you are looking for simple wedding programs, but also hoping to find something in your theme, find a stylized header. This vintage-inspired botanical wreath sits at the top, with the information clearly printed below. Whenever you use more stylized fonts, however, make sure to only use two. More fonts than that will overwhelm the design and lead to a congested, messy program.

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Stylized Border

Or you can give a nod to your color or theme with a cool border around the wedding program. This example would be perfect for a geometric wedding, or one using a lot of gray.

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navy and white wedding program, menu, and table number set
Photo: Tied & Two

Tie Everything Together

Love a chic paper goods set? Make everything match by purchasing your simple wedding programs, table numbers, and menu in the same design, like this nautical-themed event.

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Short & Sweet

Many couples don't really see a need for a wedding program because their ceremony is pretty cut and dry, with no major rituals to explain or people to credit. But if they still want something to hand their guests on the way in, this is a cool choice, with a modern, casual vibe.

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starry night wedding program in modern and minimalist style
Photo: Lilac & White

Blank Space

The best way to create an easy-to-read wedding program is to use negative space well. Embrace the blank, white space with a wedding program like this one. Decorated with a few hand-drawn stars, it's opened to reveal a short list of information in a basic typewriter font.

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simple wedding program with pattern printed on back
Photo: Swell & Grand

Business Up Front, Party on the Back

Adding all of your color to the back of the wedding program keeps it simple without being too boring. This is an especially cute idea if you match it to your wedding invitation envelope liner.

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In the Bag

Sometimes between the wedding program and the exit toss, your guests might feel like they have to balance the items on their laps. Make the info easy to carry and manage by printing a wedding program on a bag filled with your toss item, like confetti or birdseed.