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Snowy Love Looks

Tell the whole world you've found "the one" with just one look. This is a simple way to express your engagement that'll warm up the coldest of winter days.

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Ring in Your Love

You don't have to be Scrabble obsessed to know that this winter engagement announcement is a triple love score. It's playful, fun and a great way to show off that gorg ring of yours!

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Merry Mistletoe

Hearts are light, the season is bright and you're getting married! For a chic and stylish holiday-themed announcement, all you need are poppy red nails, a cozy plaid blanket and a festive bunch of mistletoe.

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Sweet Engagement Surprise

The only thing sweeter than a pair of cupcakes is a pair of cupcakes with an engagement ring topper! Get gussied up in your New Year's Eve best to create a similarly sophisticated snap to send to your friends and family!

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Evergreen Love

While we know it's tough to take your ring off for even a second — it's just so shiny! — we love the idea of subtly playing up holiday engagement vibes with a photo of your ring and a sprig of spruce tree.

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Coffee Celebration

Share your happy news all cozied up with cups of coffee in a winter wonderland like this cute couple. The custom mugs also make for a fun souvenir you'll love using every morning way past your wedding day.

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Fiance in the Snow

Celebrate the two things you love the most in a single photo: your fiance and your new ring! Your friends and family will be just as excited to see your fiance's happy smile as they will your ring.

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Icy Diamond

For a glam, dramatic winter engagement announcement, slip your new ice onto a gleaming icicle. Mother Nature provides plenty of photo ops that are as stunning as your bling.

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Snowy Heart

How cool is this snowy announcement? Even the bride's hands mimic a heart shape— for a photo (and couple!) that is full of love.

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Say It With Words

If you're already dreaming of the moment you get to say "I do," this engagement shot is definitely for you. We especially love the sunset, shadows and golden hues.