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Easy to DIY

Creating your own ceremony program fans is a piece of (wedding) cake! These programs maintain the traditional program shape with the addition of the heavy duty popsicle stick for some serious fanning.

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Collapsable Fun

This super cool, foldable fan has all the writing distributed over the three leaflets which can be slid one under the other for a small and compact package. Oh, and the beautiful images and typography make it a wonderfully rustic ceremony program.

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Tassel luxury elegant wedding ceremony program fan
Photo: Secret Diary

A Luxurious Event

Nothing screams luxury and opulence like silk tassels. These ceremony programs forgo wooden paddles in exchange for thicker paper, stiff enough to create a breeze, shaped like fans and finished off with those attractive tassels.

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Mustache fun wedding ceremony program fan
Photo: The Bourne

The 3-in-1 Fan

So it's a ceremony program, a fan, and a...photo prop? Guests certainly won't be misplacing these amusing programs!

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Under the Sea

Perfect for a beach or sea-inspired wedding ceremony, these shell-shaped ceremony programs will be just the thing for a much needed cool breeze.

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Minimalist Drama

Explore different shapes and motifs that work with the theme and d├ęcor of your wedding. This ceremony program uses a lot of white space and stylish typography to emphasize the unique shape and interesting key imagery.

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Elegance Unfolded

There is absolutely nothing rough, awkward or bulky about this lovely folded ceremony program. All the sheets are held together with a light pink ribbon, the perfect element to tie in the light, cursive font.

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Wedding Fan Patterned Tropical Base
Photo: Ekomania

Hint of an Accent

This ceremony program fan captures our attention with its contrasting, patterned base. No need for messing around with glue and worrying about the accent falling off. The tassel going through the punched hole in the bottom keeps everything together and secure.

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White and Blue Wedding program fan
Photo: Dressy Design

Add Some Color

If you want a smaller, folded ceremony program fan, take this idea into account and add some color. The Tiffany blue sheets not only look beautiful, but add a greater fanning surface.

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Country Rustic

Barns don't usually have air conditioning, so giving your country wedding guests these rustic program fans is a stellar idea. The burlap-style paper and real lace trimming go perfectly with a barn wedding with mason jars, fairy lights, and real cowboy boots.

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Bright and fun flowers wedding ceremony program fan
Photo: Aaron Dyer

Bright and Colorful

Have some fun with your wedding ceremony program design. Add some personality, bright colors, and cute typography. No this is something stylish you don't mind hiding your happy tears behind. That's what it's really for, isn't it?