funny card for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be so much fun. Yes, I understand it's cheesy and candy is everywhere and it's probably just an excuse for greeting card companies to sell, sell, sell. But still, it's sorta fun. Don't you remember all the joy of receiving a tiny little valentine from each of your classmates, filling your little cubby?  And now you are all grown up and about to be married and receiving a card is still the best. Here is a collection of clever valentine's from lighthearted to downright sarcastic. Enjoy!

Above, this card practically guarantees a smirk and an eye roll and perhaps even an, "Oh, really?"

For the visual aid aficionados out there, this pie chart represents just how much you adore your sweetheart (because, realistically, kittens and candy do own a part of your affections).

Valentine's Day card with pie chart on the front

Speaking of honesty, it's good to realize early on that your spouse will love you even more if a cup of freshly-brewed coffee is at the ready, at all times (below).

greeting card about the importance of love and coffee


funny Valentine's Day card about climbing a mountain

Keep expectations balanced with this card (above) vowing to climb a mountain for their love, so long as it isn't too high.

valentine comparing love to how much they enjoy Chipotle

Chipotle is pretty awesome. You might not have survived college without it. So, it's understandable that your man hasn't yet replaced your first love: the mighty burrito bowl.  Don't worry, if he's a keeper, he'll understand.

pink and white Valentine's Day card with block lettering

You don't have to be a Steve Miller Band fan to appreciate the sentiments of this card above. After all, who doesn't like to be told that they are freaking adorable?

valentine with bottle of hot sauce illustration

The other day I saw mini bottles of sriracha on keychains. Some people are that dedicated to their hot sauce.  If your honey's love language is all things spicy, this card is most certainly for him!

valentine with matchbox illustration about being the perfect match

Speaking of fiery, this "perfect match" card is a blend of cutesy and clever. We approve.

Valentine's Day card with blue script font and red ampersand

We've all been there. Those moments after 30 minutes of "Where do you want to go for dinner?" and you've just had it. You love him, but you just aren't his biggest fan right now (seriously, if you want to go grab pizza, just say it).  So, this card expresses the best of compliments--when someone not only loves you, but also really likes you.

This "edgy" blue heart below is simply cute. Perfect for the couple that likes their tradition with a heaping side of sweet.

blue heart valentine card with tiny polka dots

Valentine's Day isn't just for sweethearts. It's also a great excuse to send a card to your favorite friends. Like the one who just broke up with her loser boyfriend (finally):

p[ink and gray valentine to send to single friend

Or the one with the unfailingly pragmatic side:

Valentine's Day card advertising half off candy the next day

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