lavender wedding invitation

A slightly sassafras blend of nostalgic charm and modern design, Jolly Edition is one of my very favorite Etsy shops for wedding invitations. They specialize in hand-drawn styles with an emphasis on the lightly whimsical. In many ways, every one of their invites is like a little piece of art, and completely worthy of framing.  Above and below are two excellent designs as we come into the autumn wedding season.  The lavender stars (above) is perfect for those early season weddings where it is still warm enough for an outdoor reception, but you might need a cardigan.  And the slightly moody green-gray ivy invite (below) just seems to harken cooler weather, doesn't it?

dark green wedding invitations
ski resort wedding invitation

Jolly Edition has plenty of amazing designs, but their bread and butter are some truly clever destination and map-themed invites.  Above, this mountain suite features a Colorado landscape and a map of the event's locations in Telluride.  Below, if you are heading across the Atlantic for your wedding, why not opt for a stunning illustration of the Thames waterfront?  It has some of the magic of a chalk drawing by Bert in Mary Poppins, right?  Unfortunately, you cannot hop into it. I tried.

London save the date
floral and map wedding invitation

Even if your wedding is closer to home, Jolly Edition can still let you enjoy a little cartography fun.  These romantic invites (above and below) feature lovely, illustrated guides to your hometown.  Make the map the star of the card by employing a pamphlet fold, as demonstrated below.

pamphlet folded wedding invitation
wedding invitation with red flowers

You may have noticed that Jolly Edition embraces a muted color palette, but they also do have a few design in bright, bold hues.  As a fan of red, I can't get enough of the scarlet garden (above) or the modern floral graphics (below) featured here.

wedding invitation with banner and wreaths

But mostly, Jolly Edition is perfect for the slightly-sentimental, simplicity-loving, whimsically feminine bride.  This darling invite below is all about delicate colors and design and would work beautifully with a multitude of themes.

delicate wedding invitation

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