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Brooklyn Map Wedding Invitation
Photo: Paperfinger

A Matter of Perspective

Devoid of flowers, antlers or jars, this modern wedding invitation has a character of its own. Artful yet not overdone, this urban-inspired invite will have city lovers framing this for their home or office.

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Theater Playbill

Lights! Camera! Action! Though your wedding is no performance, it is definitely a show of true love. Bring the cosmopolitan theater flair to your stationery by formatting it like a vintage playbill and retain a modern look by keeping it black and white.

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Bathed in Gold

The sun setting on your favorite city is the inspiration for this invitation, flooding its skyline with gold. Metallics are also a chic way to introduce color and accent to an otherwise minimalist, contemporary palette.

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Enveloped by the City

Keep your invitations simple and minimalist but far from boring with this little trick. Add some drama by packing them into envelope lined with a classy cityscape and keep the whole suite black and white for an elegant feel.

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pink watercolor NYC skyline modern wedding invitation
Photo: Minted

Painted Skyline

Modern wedding invitations often feature one or two accent colors and otherwise stick to black and white. Why not use your splash of color to highlight important details about the special day, like the destination or the theme?

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minimalist skyline modern wedding invitation
Photo: JP Stationery

Simple is Sweet

Simple but effective. This urban-inspired modern invitation is a perfect example of the minimalist aesthetic — there's so much meaning packed into just a few lines.

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Wedding Weekend At-a-Glance

Definitely a different but logical way to lay out all the essential wedding details, this urban-inspired modern wedding invitation tells the guests everything from an at-a-glance perspective.

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london skyline cutout wedding invitation
Photo: Cutture

Skyline Style

Your wedding planners will have their work "cut out" for them when you introduce your wedding with an invitation like this. Play with textures, features, colors to best tell your love story.

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Adventure Map

Polished, with tasteful details, these invitations are our absolute favorite. Though Iceland is far from being a stereotypical "urban" wedding destination, this invite is the perfect source of inspiration. Include your city in a fold out mapwith the addition of modern typography to take your guests on an adventure even before the event.

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Clever Overlays

This clever modern wedding invitation allows the guests to find all the key venues by just switching the vellum overlays on the city map. Oh, and "X" marks the spot!