Earlier this week we highlighted a very cool, non-traditional way to help people remember your wedding date. Today's find has a more traditional bent - paper wedding invitation suites - yet is no less original. Wiley Valentine's line of invites are deceptively simple - they have a clean, fresh look that translates to totally modern.

Started by two friends who decided to name their company after their grandmothers (so fabulous!), all of their invitations are printed on 100% recycled paper and can be customized with font and color choices. And this doesn't even touch on their full line of letterpress invites, which are - you guessed it - modern, elegant and gorgeous!

Now, I have a thing for wild roses, so I have to admit Meghan is the one that first caught my eye. Wouldn't this be perfect for a garden fete?


Love the simplicity of the Christie, plus, it comes with two RSVP cards - one that says "will", the other "will not."


Make sure you check out the calendar on this one (Elizabeth)! You want to talk about things looking good on your fridge...


The Katie features wraparound mailing labels as a unique (and extra-pretty) way to address your envelopes.


Kelly takes its inspiration from a popular Los Angeles hotel's interior design - it has that very glam feel to it, doesn't it?


Love the monogram logo on the Ryanne - I can see this being used on everything from your cake to your favors.


These few photos seriously just scratch the surface. Head over to their site for their full collection.