Earlier this year we threw an Open House and wanted to send out invites that had a rustic vibe (to fit our office style) yet still had a touch of elegance. When our Director of Digital Media found Cards of Wood we knew we had a winner.


Didn't they come out great? They were interesting, sturdy and cost only one stamp to mail!

I'm happy to report that Cards of Wood has a line of wedding invitations as well. They're fully customizable by color, style of wood, design...you name it (you can send in an original design like we did or use their design center to help you create your own).


And it is such a great company. A family-owned business for 40 years, their cards are all made from 100% wood in a process that actually uses less wood than it does to create a paper card counterpart. They offer 23 different varieties of wood, all sourced from companies that employ sustainable harvesting procedures and the cards are biodegradable. These are invitations you can feel good about!

The other thing we discovered when we got the cards was that, literally, no two cards were alike. Because they were made from an actual tree they each had a distinct pattern, which only added to the unique factor.


They will also handle your menu cards and programs. Love the colors on this one.