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Simple and sleek white and blue wedding invitation
Photo: Whitney B. Lucas; Stationery by Alissa Bell Press

Simple and Sleek

This wedding invitation by Alissa Bell Press simply adds in the blue through the coloring of the font. It isn't overwhelming and is very aesthetically pleasing!

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Classy Cursive

Sometimes people feel like having colored font in wedding stationery can look cheesy, but having a classy cursive can really keep the elegance while still using color.

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Pale blue wedding invitation and envelope
Photo: Stationery by Lavender and Mint

All Blue Everything

Blue doesn't need to be an accent color. If you choose the right shade of blue, having colored wedding invitations can look beautiful, especially this one from Lavender and Mint.

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50 Shades of Blue

To create distinction between different types of paper goods, such as escort cards, it can be useful to use different shades. It adds an ombre feel and looks great!

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Pale blue ombre wedding invitation
Photo: Mackenzie Kern Photography; Event Design by Nouveau Events

Ombre Blue

The inclusion of blue can be subtle. This fade from blue to white on this invitation is the perfect way to incorporate tradition, while still having beautiful stationery.

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Wedding invitation with a pop of blue
Photo: Nancy Cohn Photography; Event Design by Posh Parties

Pop of Color

When incorporating blue into stationery, it can be useful to add a pop of color. In these invitations, the contrasting yellow makes the invite look more appealing and interesting.

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Hidden Treasures

Give your guests a little surprise of blue. Instead of sending your invites in a blue envelope, try sending it in one that is blue on the inside.

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Bold blue and white wedding invitations
Photo: Kate Ignatowski; Stationery by Bella Figura

Keep it Bold

Using a bolder font will help make the blue make a statement, especially when it contrasts against the white paper!

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Turn the Contrast Up

With darker blue invitations, the writing really pops with a bright color, such as white. Lepenn Designs adds even more flair by wrapping the envelope with the gray to seal the deal.

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Keep It Clean

With such a bold color intact, the stationery could be clean and easy to read. Yes, you want them to look absolutely gorgeous, but you also want them to be easy to read and get the information. Whimsíque: Designer Invitations & Stationery does it perfectly!

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All About the Details

The best part of invitations is the personalized detail added in! When adding the details you can use the addition of blue to keep it simple, but make it bold.