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Metallic Foil

What's not to love about these gold foil cards? Even better, you can make your own at home! All you'll need is a gold foil, cardstock, and a laminator. Print off "XO" or another lovey phrase in your own favorite font, place gold foil over the front, run through a laminator, and voilà.

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Watercolor and Crayon

We're tickled pink with these. They're sweet and simple DIY too. Just use a white crayon write a sweet love note on a sheet of paper. Next, take a set of watercolors and go wild.

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Pop Rock

Crystallize your love forever using Pop Rocks candy to make a sweet love note for your special someone.

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Glitter Foam Stickers

Take a trip to the craft store and pick up some foam stickers because that's all you'll need for this next DIY card. Get into the spirit and play with different shapes and symbols. Make it personal by adding your own custom script.

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Wood Veneer

For a Valentine that feels a little more masculine, instead of all about the sparkle and glitter, try a wood veneer valentine. Simply cut out these shapes and glue them to a paper card.

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Stamp Heart
Photo: Go Make Me

Stamp Heart

With a stamp and stencil to guide you, this DIY card is easy as can be! You're not limited to a heart — get creative with your shapes and patterns.

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Polaroid Shaker

Shake it like a Polaroid! This is where your scraps come in handy. Use some left over heart cut outs and put them into your own Polaroid-inspired Valentine's card. Now, this note is picture perfect!

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Cupid's Arrow

We might have been hit with Cupid's arrow because we're in love with these V-Day cards! A little gold paper and wooden sticks will make it possible to create your own arrow Valentine.

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Pop Up Valentine Card
Photo: theadoration

Pop Up

This one really 'popped' out at us! These heart hot air balloon notes capture the charming spirit of the holiday and this Etsy store creates lots of cute pop-up, like this one, available for purchase.

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Bursting Heart

We heart this lovely Valentine. Use this cut-out heart card as inspiration to create your own charming note. Grab some scissors, fun paper, and gold tape and get started.