rope ampersand nautical wedding invite


Nothing is quite so delightfully preppy as a nautical wedding. From the upbeat color palettes to maritime icons, these nautical wedding invitations are cheery and traditional.  Some nautical invites are a little more modern than others, with updated fonts and a departure from the classic red, white, and blue.  This invite (above) gives a nod to its nautical theme with a rope ampersand and pale blue background.

navy and red anchor wedding invitations


But if you want to stay traditional, both of these invites are lovely options with their knots, anchors, and stripes. These would both be perfect if your wedding is being held at a yacht club--delightfully preppy!

nautical wedding invitation
wedding invitation with anchor and life preserver
nautical flags wedding invitation


If you are having a seaside wedding, but want a vintage wedding-friendly color palette. Try using navy and pink (above) or aqua and white (below).

anchor and light blue striped wedding invite
illustrated nautical wedding invitation


Appreciate a more artistic look?  I adore these illustrated anchors paired with fantastic fonts (above, and below right).

anchor and lighthouse wedding invitations


If your waterfront venue has special significance (like maybe where he proposed or you spent your first weekend away together?), then highlight the geography with a pretty photo (above, left) or map (below).

nautical wedding invitation with coastal map and oyster
sailboat postcard wedding invitation

Credits:  Rope Ampersand//Navy and Red Anchor//Blue and White Stripes//Life Preservers//Maritime Signal Flags//Aqua and White//Illustrated Anchor//Lighthouse Photo//Banner-Wrapped Anchor//Oyster and Coastal Map//Sailboat Postcard