When brights just aren't quite bright enough, there's nowhere to go but neons! These vibrant, playful palettes are modern and fun and filled with just the right amount of party-friendly kitsch.

Neon pink and yellow is one of our favorite combos. It pairs really well with the ever-popular Kraft paper. Above, the confetti print makes pink and yellow whimsical and sweet, while the geometric print below is completely on-trend.


Love ombre? Go from yellow to pink with a tangerine stop in between. This ombre invite (below) is perfect for the couple who want neon, but don't want it to feel 1980s.


But you don't need to have multiple colors for neon to be completely engaging. Above, pink and a bold, retro print creates a surprisingly sophisticated combination.  Or go more casual with a bright coral and several graphic elements like hearts and arrows (below).


Yellow is a really powerful color. Neon yellow is pretty much unstoppable. Yellow is the first color our eyes notice. Make your invite the stand-out on your friends' refrigerators with this yellow and black suite (below).


You can also adopt a rainbow effect with your neon palette using details in lime, electric blue, hot pink, orchid, and orange. This trend is right on the money for modern couples looking to host less of an "event" and more of a party.  With invitation suites like these, your guests will instantly know they are in for a really good time.


You know how something can be so wrong that it's totally right? Whether it is your embarrassing guilty pleasure TV show or this fan-freaking-tastic invitation below, the heart wants what the heart wants.  And this neon lights, 1980s, Cocktail extravaganza is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to wedding invitations. Ever.  P.S. If you send out this invite, and you don't play "Kokomo" at the reception, you don't deserve it.


But we get that all of this neon craziness may be too insane for some brides. If you love the festiveness of neons, but want to take it down a notch, use brights that are just this side of florescent. This fun invite below uses modern typography with bright lemon and fuchsia.


You can also pair them with brighter earth tones like burnt orange to calm the overall effect (below) of more vibrant hues.


If you love neons, but just had something else in mind for your wedding, get into the fun with your save-the-date (adoring this papel picado print above). Or use tiny stickers to decorate your bridesmaid ask cards (below).


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