Creative "come as you are" wedding invitation design by Apartment One.

The wedding invitation sets the tone for what guests can expect on the wedding day. Some have said to me, "Eh, doesn't the Save the Date do that?" No. Sure, it makes an initial impression, but the invite is what tells your guests, "All right, everyone, get ready!" That is precisely what these invitations say from creative agency Apartment One. (Or, better yet, these say, "Booyah!") Once I saw these babies on Apartment One's "News" page, I knew I had to share! And, thankfully, the fine folks over there were more than willing.

These were the invitations for Partner and Creative Director, Spencer Bagley and his wife, Melissa. Situated at a private home in upstate New York, they wanted their big day to be relaxed and non-formal. There was to be no dress code or assigned seating; just delicious BBQ, a kick-ass band, great people, and good times. So, as a nod to the nontraditional, traditional wedding invitations were designed and printed, and then silkscreened with red words and phrases that turned them into anything-but-traditional invitations that reflected the humor of the bride and groom. Awesome.

Did these invitations tell their guests that they were in for one heck of good time? Hells yeah!

Non-traditional wedding invitation designs by Apartment One.
Non-traditional wedding invitation designed for couple by Apartment One.
Wedding invitation envelope branded "Hells Yeah!" by Apartment One.