When I was little girl I could spend hours trying on my grandma's costume jewelry, playing dress-up. Now, I know not every girl can lose herself in the baubles (my sister was more of a He-Man/ Skeletor gal) but for those that like the sparkle, these suitcases from Pink Loves Brown filled with inexpensive jewelry would be the perfect flower girl gift. Or if you're providing her flower girl dress wouldn't this be a great way to present it? She would have a special carrying case that tells the world she has a very important job.


For your bridesmaids whose tastes may run a bit finer than what Claire's has to offer, she also has Suitcase Stationery Sets, which come in a variety of colors featuring personalized stationery. I love that once the stationery is used up, you still have a momento of the day - a suitcase where you can keep meaningful notes, make up, or even jewelry for dress up.


Be sure to also check out Nicole's blog Making It Lovely, which chronicles her transformation of her Oak Park bungalow into a home. A great read for all of you who might be looking forward to starting a home of your own or are in the process...