skyline wedding invitation

When I first saw Cheree Berry Paper's luxury wedding invitations, I giggled a little bit.  I mean, they are just so perfect.  Not only does this company absolutely nail major invitation wedding themes, but they also incorporate so many thoughtful, tiny details.  Foil-accented type? Yup. Envelopes that are almost better than the invites themselves? Absolutely.  On-trend color palettes and fonts? In. Spades.

We have focused on four themes that we think Cheree Berry Paper does especially well: modern, whimsical, floral, and holiday.


These designs reflect an urban sensibility and wholeheartedly embrace black and white palettes with tiny pops of metallic foil.  It's very old-school New York in a completely new way.  The invite below is actually based around a historic map of Manhattan.

map of Manhattan wedding invitation

These decadent black and white stripes just feel luxurious, don't they?  One of the ways they make such a simple idea look so glamorous is by alternating the size and direction of the stripes between the envelope lining and in the border of the reply card.

black and white striped wedding invitation


If you love a spirited wedding, Cheree Berry Paper has the invitation suite for you.  From chic couples' shower invites to a stock-the-bar party (below) to playing up bright sherbet shades, these are designs that will make any guest smile.

stock the bar shower invite
envelope save-the-date

I love a good envelope.  And these are the pinnacle of envelopes--it's an entire save-the-date done with nesting envelopes that feature the message on the front.  For those of us who identify as paper nerds, this has it all in the way it plays with scale, pattern, and color.  In short,it's pretty much phenomenal.

This town map save-the date (below) highlights all the reasons why your favorite people should ink in your wedding day on their calendars.

map-themed save the date

Preppy isn't often confused for a sense of whimsy, but this clever custom invitation (yes, they do that too) might have you re-thinking that.  The traditional pink and navy stripes and romantic fonts scream classic, but the addition of clever icons and witty illustrations betray a wink away from tradition.

pink and navy preppy wedding invite


How do you make a quintessential invitation style completely inventive?  These two designs manage to somehow seem completely original because of their chic illustrations and miniscule details. Notice in this floral folder invite (below) that the folder will contain all the suite's enclosures.  Also, take a gander at the sweet gold lovebirds adorning the front of one of the smaller envelopes.

floral folder wedding invitation

Green is such a lush color for a wedding. Look how this couple's wedding date is delicately foil-stamped to the inside of the lined envelope.  It's these little "moments" that take these designs to a whole other level.

green botanical wedding invitation


For those of you crazy kids who want a Halloween wedding, but aren't sure if a witchy wedding can look as grand as you imagine it?  I give you this fantastic orange and black creation (below).  It's fun and festive, but not cheesy or juvenile.

orange Halloween wedding invite
Christmas-themed wedding invitation

Hosting a Christmas or New Year's Eve wedding?  The retro stylings on this Christmas suite is Bing Crosby-esque delightful. And this modern take on a NYE invitation merges traditional confetti with a lovely, blissful palette.

New Year's Eve wedding invitation