I'm getting married in 2 months are we're trying to figure out how the bridesmaids walk they walk out with the the groomsman like you see in most weddings these days or do they walk out alone because the bride and groom aren't united yet? Big family discussion and I don't know what Partner with bridesmaid is best! Kim Alfeld
Dear Miss Alfeld,

The choreography of ceremonies is a matter of personal preference. Consider these factors to make your decision:
-Wider long aisles present couples better where as narrower aisles are better for singles to walk down
-Larger bridal parties are often more dramatic as singles. The groomsmen might enter single file down an aisle or from the side while the bridesmaids are elegantly timed down the center before the bride.
-Always arrange the party according to each of their heights - tall with tall and short with short for a balanced altar composition.

My fiance and I are having a family only wedding and a reception afterwards with everyone else. Not many are aware of this because we don't know how to invite people and explain that without feelings being hurt. What should the invite say so no one or maybe only a few get mad and not show up for the reception? Veronica Zeigler
Dear Miss Zeigler,

Your decision to have a private wedding is definitely a meaningful one. There should be no shame or explanation needed for planning your special day this way. You will need to send 2 separate invitations – one to the wedding with reception/party cards and one party only invitation. Being invited to celebrate a marriage is an honor and if anyone gets angry they do not deserve to be invited.

Hi!!! What kind of reception flowers can I buy for $100?! I have 8 tables! Wedding is in sept and my colors are champagne, gold and ivory. Laura Greb
Dear Miss Greb,

With a limited floral budget common flowers such as roses, carnations or astromeria are your best choices.  Roses and carnations can be floated singly in bowls accented with candles on some tables and grouped in mass on others. Consider some tables with non-floral centerpieces such as all candles or foliage cut from your garden and doing bolder arrangements on others.

Another option would be to do non-floral centerpieces such as unique glass or silver pieces from thrift stores or garage sales which can stand alone as centerpieces or can be filled with petals and fruit.

My future mother-in-law keeps asking me if we can request people to let us know if they already know they can't make it (regret responses) on our save the dates. We are sending them out a year before the wedding due to summer wedding and 3 hours away. I think its kind of tacky... Would love to know William's thoughts on this one. Courtney Bares
Dear Miss Bares,

While I have a sense of what your future mother-in-law is getting at, your save the dates should actually produce the desired results if presented correctly. Typically after your guests get the word you will get a pretty good sense of who is coming without asking them directly. Definitely set up a website on so your guests have a convenient way to message you about their intentions.

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