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Wondering what to include in a wedding invitation? We help you with the need-to-know info.

Who's hosting?

Traditionally, a wedding invitation mentioned the bride's parents, because they were the hosts. However, modern weddings are often paid for by the couple themselves and both of their respective families. As such, the usual introduction reads something like, "Together with their families, Jane Smith and John Brown invite you..." However, if the two of you are paying for your own wedding, you don't need to include this (although many couples still want to give their families a shout out despite not being able to financially contribute to the event). When it comes to family, what to include in a wedding invitation can vary depending upon your relationships and the specific situation.

When & Where

Of course, this is the critical stuff. It sounds silly, but check and re-check this info before you order your invitations. Countless brides and grooms have had to re-order wedding invitations because they didn't notice that the date was a day off or someone's name was spelled incorrectly. Guests need to know the date and location so they can plan accordingly. Summer is a busy wedding season and you want your guests to be able to attend. Although save-the-dates are not a requirement, they can be really handy to make sure that your wedding date gets to your potential guests before someone else's event.

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What will be following the ceremony?

It's helpful to include a line at the bottom of the invitation giving a couple of details about the reception. Some examples are "Dinner and dancing to follow," or "Tea and dessert served at church reception following the ceremony." You don't need to give a lot of detail, but this also helps your guests properly prepare for your event.

Enclosures are a convenient way to communicate information without cluttering your wedding invitation's design.

Here are a couple of important enclosures to consider:


If you want to hear back from your guests, make it as simple as possible for them to reply in a timely manner. Enclose a RSVP card with a stamped envelope so that they don't have any excuse to not drop it in the post office box.


Especially if you have a venue that's tricky to find, parking that isn't immediately adjacent, or the bulk of your guests are coming from out of town, a map can be a really helpful enclosure.

Wedding Website URL

You can also print this on the bottom of your invite, but if you don't have room, just put it on an enclosure card instead. Printing out your wedding website url gives your guests access to a wealth of details you can provide on your website. If you are doing online RSVPs, an enclosure card will also direct extra attention to where they should go to take care of that. Also, it's fine to attach your registry to your wedding website, so this is a much more socially acceptable way to pass on gift gifting suggestions than simply printing your registry on your invitation.