What is the talk about going "green" when it comes to thank you cards? I just did thank you cards for my engagement party and it feels like a big waste of paper to do what a lovely email would also accomplish. Thoughts?
- Erika Schwalb, Facebook fan.
Dear Miss Schwalb,While I appreciate your eco-conscious thinking, nothing compares to a handwritten thank you note. It may seem like this formality doesn't matter in our era of digital convenience, but it most certainly does.
There are plenty of sustainable alternatives to show your guests you truly care about them as well as the environment. Some suggestions are:

- using recycled paper for printing
- adding a "Please Recycle" symbol to the card
- selecting a postcard-style note to use less paper
- sending a photo, which also acts as a keepsake

My favorite alternative currently is using seed paper, which can be planted and used to grow something beautiful, reminding guests of your special day.Have a burning question about your big day? Send it to us at: or tweet it or Facebook us!