Purple, blue and pink sparkled IPhone case

Until recently my IPhone had been covered with a very plain, albeit practical, cover. And I am in the mood for a little change. The sparkly confetti one above would be perfect for New Year's, right?!

Two IPhone cases- one with a beach carnival image and quote "Just enjoy the ride" and other is of different paint shades.

From nostalgic prints of the Jersey Shore to a sherbet-shaded paint swatch, these covers are perfect for brides planning a summer wedding.

IPhone case with all letters of alphabet and numbers 0-10.

Need something quirky for a hard-to-shop-for friend? Try one of these cases inspired by childhood toys.

Xylophone IPhone Case
Scrabble pieces that spell out "Happy ever after" IPhone case, and dessert cakes IPhone Case

Take note, fellas: These darling covers with sweet woodland prints and delicious macarons are ideal to give to the girl with a classic romantic side.

IPhone case styled like an eye exam but spells out french words.

And for the "techy" special someone, this cover will be sure to make them chuckle.