I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a hopeless romantic. But that doesn't take away an ounce of my sincerity when I saw that weddings are absolutely fantastic. From the proposal to the sparkler-lit getaway they're a celebration of one of the biggest and most exciting decisions in our lives: choosing who we want to share them with.

It's entirely possible that my hopeless romanticism is about to run away with me. I'll apologize in advance (sorry) but I'm plowing ahead nonetheless. Last weekend I attended a 55th anniversary celebration. It was simple, it was family, and it involved several of the happier (and certainly more tear-inducing) moments I've experienced in the past couple of months.

Sometimes it is hard to fathom what 55 years looks like, especially when you're in the midst of planning your wedding (also known as the beginning of year one), and when the odds are that 55 years is at least twice as much time as you've spent breathing.

But getting the opportunity to witness it is inspiring and encouraging and a perfect reminder of the real reason you're all working so hard and making dozens of decisions and working through your expectations as well as those of your families.

Because watching my grandfather talk about how he thought my grandmother was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen, and seeing him look at her and knowing that was still true - that's what it's all about; the love and the friendship and the understanding that you get to work towards and have in marriage.

So when you're worrying about the wedding details, or when you're excited about them, or even when you're maybe just a little bit apathetic about them, I hope you get the chance to step back from the details and think about the next 55 years and the ones after those. Because those years beyond that special day are something that's really, really worth looking forward to.


Photo Credit: Shaun Menary Photography