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Floral Invitations

Set the mood for your wedding day with floral invitations. These types of simple, but effective, wedding details will get your guests ready for a cheerful and beautiful garden party right from the start.

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Floral Centerpiece

A beautiful garden party wedding doesn't mean that all of your wedding details must be elaborate and ostentatious. If you love the garden vibe but want to keep the decor low-key, decorate your tables with simple, bohemian floral centerpieces.

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Colorful Place Settings

Employing bright colors in your tablecloths, napkins, and dishes can be the perfect wedding details to add to the cheerful atmosphere you want in a garden party wedding.

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Floral Chandelier

Kick things up a notch by adding a serious wow factor to your wedding. This floral chandelier will certainly help create the garden party vibe, and will be an impressive focal point for your wedding.

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Greenery Centerpiece

While a floral centerpiece is nice, if you are using long tables at your wedding, it might not be practical. Instead, get a bit out of the box with your wedding details by using floral greenery to adorn the center of your tables.

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Vintage Truck

An interesting way to combine wedding details is to let your getaway vehicle double as the display for party favors. Using a vintage truck and some greenery will help keep the garden vibe alive.

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Flower Crown

Decorating for your event is great, but you can't forget that your outfit is one of the most important wedding details of all! Instead of a traditional veil, wear a flower crown to add elegant whimsy to your garden party wedding.

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Floral Decor

One of the greatest things about a garden wedding is that it is nearly impossible to overdo it with flowers! Using them to decorate the surrounding trees, will not only make your big day look gorgeous, but smell wonderful, too.

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Dripping Bouquet

Nothing says garden party like literally being drenched in florals, right? Going for a larger, cascading bouquet can really bring the garden vibe to your ceremony.

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Watering Can Favor
Photo: Beau Coup

Watering Can Favors

The most often ignored wedding detail can be the favors. Why not send your guests home with small watering cans filled with flowers, candy, or other small items? It's the perfect bookend to your garden party wedding.