Last weekend, my husband and I went on an adventure.

Now, before I go any further in this blog post, let me say two things:

1. We don't usually do things like this. Opportunity, timing and a little bit of determination from a very wonderful husband worked out in our favor and resulted in an a-typical and extremely perfect weekend.

2. I'm so glad we did!

Anyway, last weekend, Shayne and I packed up our bags and caught a Friday-evening flight to Monterey, California. It all started sometime around Tuesday evening when Shayne, giving me a hard time about my upcoming birthday (and my semi-irrational distaste for getting older), suggested something very out of a the norm as a gift: a two-day whirlwind of a trip to hang out by the ocean as I watched another year tick past (instead of curling up on the couch and marathoning our way through "The Office").

Obviously, I would have been crazy to turn this one down! It was a seriously fantastic (albeit kind of exhausting) two days that involved a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a gorgeous coastal drive, some quality time at Trader Joe's and an afternoon wine tasting overlooking the bay. Not to mention some tasty meals and good conversation, which happen to be two of my all-time favorite things. We explored, laughed, brushed up on our parallel parking and truly enjoyed each other's company.

But you know what the best part of the weekend was? Without a doubt, it was the fact that my husband initiated the whole thing. He sat down and really thought about what kind of a birthday gift would mean the most to me and he nailed it - quality time with him with a helping of new places and adventure. It didn't hurt that our adventure ended up taking us to Monterey and that we watched Humpback whales while we sipped local wines, but when Thursday evening rolled around and we were having a hard time finding a hotel within our budget, the fact that he held on to his plan and pulled through meant so much to me.

Yes, I'm about to get a little bit sappy (imagine that) but Shayne's thoughtfulness, persistence and the fact that he communicated to me that he knows who I am and what makes me feel loved...well, let's just say that this was far and away the best birthday I've ever had.