Anniversaries are fun. Enough said, really. They're an opportunity to spend time with the one you love, to enjoy each other's company, to splurge a little bit on yourselves and celebrate the fact that you'e worked, played and loved your way through another year together.

I think it didn't occur to me until this year that anniversaries can also be about celebrating something else: the fact that you have a whole, brand new year ahead of you!

It's like New Year's Eve - you're with your friends and your family and you're acknowledging the past year but you're also reflecting on that year, on the things you've loved and enjoyed and the things that have challenged you and the things that you want to work on in the upcoming months. I mean, who hasn't made a New Year's resolution?

That's what this first, married, anniversary reminded me of. My husband and I got to spend the day together being grateful for the fun time we've had and the memories we've made and the moments we've gotten to share, but we also spent some time thinking and talking about the things that challenged us this past year - what we've learned and how we've grown, both together and as individuals. And, talking about those things, we were able to realize how incredibly excited we are about our future together.

We have the opportunity to, every day, learn more about each other and how to love and respect each other, how to be best friends and how to help and support one another on so many levels.

Call me a dork, but how cool is that?! To get to realize that this new year of marriage is truly a new chapter and a new chance to continue loving each other and planning our lives together and getting to look forward to seeing where it all takes us...well, it makes the already bright celebration of a good year seem that much brighter.