Hello, engaged ones! I hope you're all happily in the midst of planning your weddings (looking at dresses, floral arrangements and dessert tables to your hearts' content) and enjoying the fact that spring (and all the tulips!) is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner.

Conveniently, spring happens to be a tidy lead-up to what I wanted to talk to you about today. See, when I think "spring," I tend to think of three things: flowers, rainstorms I'm sorry, it can't be helped. This, however, is fortunate because it just so happens that the only thing that pops into my husband's mind when he thinks about spring is baseball. If we didn't have this overlap...I'm pretty sure our relationship would not have survived the first pitch of spring training.

Anyway, I'm digressing. What I really wanted to talk about today - ask about, really - is this: when was the last time that you and your significant other played a game together? I'm not really talking about board games, although they certainly fit the profile too. What I really mean is a game that might typically be played in boy-land, like ultimate frisbee or football or...catch.

Shayne and I, caught up in the whirl of baseball season and spring weather, headed outside this weekend and stood in the back yard for a half an hour doing just that: playing catch. Before you shrug me off, I would like you to know that playing catch is something I stopped doing in, oh, seventh grade? I never went near a softball field - just ask my throwing arm, which happens to still be sore.

But, you know what? It was the best part of my weekend: Standing in the sunshine, tossing a baseball back and forth and just talking and spending time together.

It is officially blowing my mind that something so simple could have had such an impact on the way I viewed my weekend. I keep looking back on the past couple of days, trying to sort it out. It wasn't the conversation - I can't remember a thing we talked about - or my love for baseball - which does not exceed pure spectator status.

So while I sit here and try to figure out why on earth my sunburned shoulders and sore arm have given me such lingering amounts of warm fuzzies, I have one suggestion for each of you to take or leave. Sometime, when it's nice out and you need a break from white dresses and dessert tables, grab the love of your life, a baseball and the great outdoors. It will be totally worth the tan lines.