I have an announcement to make: last week, my brother (who I would generally refer to as little but who is, these days, much larger and not much younger than myself) got engaged.

First of all: !!!!!!!!!!!!

And second of all: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He proposed on Christmas Day to his girlfriend, Danielle, who, as far as any of us can tell, is pretty much perfect for him - she's sweet, fun, quirky and managed to survive not only meeting, but also charming every person in my extended family in the span of about 24 hours. Which means, as far as I can tell, that she's brave, too!

I got to see the ring before he proposed, and I'll admit that maybe (just maybe) I cried at some point during the day (Who has two thumbs and may or may not be a hopeless romantic? This girl.). And, although it's almost surreal that my little brother (sorry, Drew) is engaged and getting married, oh my goodness, I could not be more thrilled for the two of them.

Over the course of the next several months they get to start the process of planning their future together. It starts with a wedding, of course, but it's - as you know - so much more than that! It's the beginning of a new chapter of everything, of their time together, of learning to know and love each other in a new and different and deeper way, of the direction their lives will take.

Maybe I'm biased, because although I'll admit Shayne and I know firsthand that no relationship is perfect, I love being married and working through the rough patches and growing closer and learning how to really be a best friend. But I can't wait to see where they go, and how they get there.

Not to mention the fact that I love weddings - and I may be jumping the gun on this one, but I'm thinking we'll get an invite.