As I mentioned last week, my husband's parents came to town this weekend. They spent four days at our house filled with high school footballs games (Shayne coaches), fall hikes and good food. And, believe it or not, I actually learned a few things over the course of the visit. And, big surprise I'm sure, I'm here to share them with you!

1. Colorado in the fall is a place worth visiting. Especially when you can manage a weekend at the end of September with 75-degree days across the board.

2. Watching football, going for challenging hikes to the top of mountains and making food together are incredibly (randomly enough) good ways to get to know other people. I'm still impressed that my parents-in-law dominated our choice of scenic walks, especially when we pulled them from sea level and started our climb at almost 9,000 feet.

3. Everybody does things differently. Allow me to repeat. Everybody does things differently. And different is rarely (and thankfully not at all in my case) synonymous with bad. The best part of new people (and new families) is that we all bring something unique to the table, whether that is knowing how to coach a football team, temper an egg, or make the right turn on the trail.

4. Board games are the best. Next to weddings, of course.

5. Even though in-law visits in my world will always be preceded by inordinate amounts of mildly obsessive cleaning (no matter how clean the house already is. My grandmother scared me half to death talking about the traditional "white glove mother-in-law" the day before my in-laws arrived. Has anyone else heard about this hopefully mythical and nightmare-worthy creature?), they are not worth losing sleep over. In fact, odds are that the visit is going to be a fairly relaxing weekend filled with conversation, adventures and everybody trying to foot the bill.

6. I am very blessed to have an incredibly loving and supportive family.

It strikes me, as I wrap this up from the other side of wedding-planning-madness-and-bliss, that this incredibly loving and supportive family is probably the main reason that I didn't lose all of my hair planning our wedding. And so, for those of you planning your beautiful fall and winter and spring nuptials, I hope that your families are loving and supporting you the way they should.

P.S. If I could change anything, I'd have a fall wedding. The colors, the leaves! Lucky, lucky lovebirds. And darn football season. Happy planning!