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Photo: Unsplash

This weekend was something special: our first opportunity to celebrate a birthday since we've been married! It was Shayne's birthday and, because he somehow always, no matter how simply he approaches it, manages to make my birthdays memorable, I knew we needed to do something special.

Luckily, fate seemed to be on our side. See, Shayne loves snowboarding. I mean, seriously, loves snowboarding. Which is good, because I do too (until I get cold. Then I don't even really like it). But, unfortunately, the mountains of Colorado have not been getting any snow. Really. No snow. Patches of grass on some mountains. Lots of ice. Snow: none.

But. This weekend, it looked like the weather gods were about to smile down upon the ski resorts of Colorado. In fact, the potential for snow looked so high that we decided, Saturday night as we were falling asleep, that we wouldn't even think about making the two-hour trek up to the mountains if there was less than four inches of fresh snow on the ground in the morning.

So, we fell asleep, all snug in our bed, while visions of fresh powder danced in our heads' and woke up to a ski resort report boasting eight inches of new snow. Eight. The decision was made, and we piled into our car with snowboards in tow, eagerly anticipating carving new tracks in fluffy, white, perfect snow.

When we got to the mountain (two hours, a little bit of traffic and several albums later), it was clear that we had been sorely deceived. A few quick runs told us that the snow piled up on the side of the trails was no deeper than four inches' and, even more sadly, it seemed that even the promised eight inches wouldn't have saved the mountain from its icy surfaces.

We were not going to let the mountain get us down. We tried two more runs, decided it truly wasn't worth it, and left- to head to Shayne's favorite pizza place, a mountain restaurant that we only get to visit when we ski (an hour and a half drive is too far for a slice of pizza on a non-birthday basis).

We ordered our pizzas, we sipped our beers, we watched the Broncos win in overtime, and we declared it not only a successful day, but a great birthday.

Sometimes it's fun to have things go as planned. But sometimes it's better to just see what happens, especially when you're with your best friend.