The In-Laws are coming

Doesn't it just feel like it should give you the chills? Or have threatening music playing in the background? Or be accompanied by stories about terrifying mothers-in-law and horrific failed cooking experiments and dust-covered lampshades?

We're actually pretty excited. They're coming out to watch one of football-coach-hubby's games and see that Colorado in the fall is much nicer than Colorado in March (well, sometimes. Like when a freak blizzard blows through and makes it almost impossible to leave the house. Because if you do there's a very good chance you'll never be able to locate the front door through the whiteout to get back inside.) and to spend some non-wedding-related quality time.

Still, I would be lying if I said that the items pictured above were not my new best friends. Somehow, two month after the wedding, our house is still trying to absorb the uproar of gifts and moving in and redecorating for two. And, although I claim that the OCD tendencies of my family have not found a home in my brain, something about my husband's parents crossing a thousand miles to come to visit for the first time has officially kicked a few cleaning instincts into overdrive.

Way into overdrive.

We're also working out a semi-functioning, slightly hypothetical meal plan for the weekend. This is happening for two reasons: one, for the first time ever in my entire life, I feel pressure to cook a nice, well-balanced, tasty meal, and two, while Shayne and I love to cook and honestly enjoy spending vast amounts of time in the kitchen, our meals tend more towards experiments than well-practiced science.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I'm seeking out advice. What were your first-visit encounters like? Have they happened yet? If so, what did you clean, how did you eat? Is it acceptable to simply order take-out or would pot roast be the preference? If not, well, lend me your feedback anyway. What would you do to prepare?

Oh, and tune in next week for the de-brief session. Which will probably be all filled with flowers and happy thoughts and no one will even notice if I didn't fold the towels symmetrically.