A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that my younger brother got engaged (that's him and his fiance right there in the photo!). Well, since then, I'm pretty sure that all I've done with my life is look at wedding websites. Hours and hours of clicking through web pages, real weddings, DIY ideas. Seriously. I've been thinking about it, and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that-even hanging out over here at mywedding.com on a weekly basis-I've forgotten in the past six months of married like how truly wonderful it is to simply sit and daydream about weddings.

To daydream about invitations and flowers and table centers and seating cards and dresses (oh, dresses). About the music and the food and the cake (or the cupcakes. Or the pies. Or an old-fashioned array of delectable dessert-type things. You say sugar and I'm there.). About the feel of the entire day, the bubbles or the sparklers or the rice in people's hair - oh no, I'm not nostalgic at all.

I must admit that I'm beyond excited to attempt to enjoy wedding planning all over again- this time vicariously, through my brother and his fiance's experience. I'm excited to see what they decide they want, how they'll make their wedding fit them. I'm excited to see the invitations and the flowers and the table centers - and the people and the love and the joy and encouragement, all the things that pull together to make a wedding so much more than just another day and just another party.

Oh, wedding planning. I mean, look at this website around you. The colors. The photos. The variety and the sheer potential for inspiration.

It makes me want to spend the rest of my life sipping tea (or, you know, eating Reese's peanut butter cups), reading wedding blogs and just - dreaming. Someone would probably pay me for that, right?

In any case, whether you're at the beginning, middle or end of your wedding planning (or, like me, married and just wedding-obsessed), I hope that you're loving the fact that this day gets to be about you and your love, and that there are so many ways to make that happen.