Sweet modern wedding inspiration
Photo: Our Love Is Loud

Last week warm air and sunshine managed to find their way to Colorado. They spent a few days hanging out, playing it cool and making me think that summer was about to burst through the front door. Then they took off, leaving threatening clouds and very, very, cold wind and I remembered that it’s still spring - and just barely spring at that.

Still, that first whiff of warmer weather did leave one thing behind when it went - something that arrived in an envelope with a stamp bearing flowers and diamond rings...something reminiscent of a rather large even that took place in my own life just last summer...yes, Delightfully Engaged, it was a wedding invitation!

Do you know what that means? It means that even though I’m terrified that I’ll wake up tomorrow and there will be a foot of snow on the ground just waiting for me to shovel (or watch Shayne shovel. Either one works.), we’re headed into one of the most exciting parts of the year: wedding season.

Call me a nerd, or a dork, or a big cheesy sap, but I love wedding season. The flowers, the food, the music and white dresses and sipping champagne and eating cupcakes...there’s so much magic involved in weddings, whether you’re on the planning end or the attending. I’ve discovered that I don’t even care if I’m not the one going to all the weddings! I love seeing the photos and hearing the stories and knowing that people are making decisions together and dedicating themselves to each other and celebrating that choice with the people they love most.

It’s even more exciting to know that there will be at least one wedding this summer that I’ll get to attend with my husband by my side, watching a new couple become Mr. and Mrs. and remembering how much fun it was to take that step ourselves.

And then there are the flowers, the food, the music...oh, did I already mention all those things? But getting to see each season’s new spin on what the perfect day looks like, from elegant to rustic, stone chapel to backyard. The possibilities, when it comes to weddings, are truly endless. Good thing I know a blog that does an utterly fantastic job of giving us all a taste of what those possibilities can look like: the real weddings and the crafts and favors and dresses...

So much to sit back and enjoy. Not to mention an ever-increasing amount of sunshine with which to enjoy it all.

It’s enough to make this newlywed want to renew her vows. Maybe next year.