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Jenga guest book sign
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Jenga Pieces

Scrap the traditional guest book and let your guests have some fun! Have everyone sign a Jenga block and enjoy playing the game at the reception to follow. ($9; etsy.com)

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puzzle guest book
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Guest Book Puzzle

We love the idea of symbolizing your relationship with a puzzle that everyone can be a part of! Have your guests sign one piece and put it together for a memory that stands apart from other guest books. ($19.95; etsy.com)

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Poloroid Scrapbook

Allow your guests to snap Polaroids and hang them up at your wedding to capture a special moment. Afterwards, file the photos into a guest book just like this. ($25.17; etsy.com)

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fluffy purple pinata
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Wedding Pinata Guest Book

Make a splash at your wedding with a piñata stuffed with notes from the guests. Fill it at the wedding and smash it on your one-year anniversary to celebrate! This idea definitely wins as the most fun guest book we've seen. ($69; etsy.com)

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monogram wedding guest book sign
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Wooden Wedding Guest Book Sign

Create a piece of home décor for you and the groom with a sentimental wedding-day touch. Have your guests leave notes on this monogrammed sign for a sweet addition to your home. ($89.99; etsy.com)

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wooden heart guest book
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Guest Book Date Jar

Keep date night on the calendar for years to come with this date night jar! Leave it out at your wedding and let your guests drop in date ideas to keep your future full of surprises. ($30; etsy.com)

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guests sign rocks for wedding guest book alternative
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Wishing Stones Guest Book

Bring your guests' best wishes into your future as they sign a stone with a personal note. These wishing stones will serve as a super cute addition to your home! ($175; etsy.com)

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guest book bench
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Wedding Guest Signing Bench

This bench is the perfect guest book alternative for an outdoor wedding! After it's been covered in notes and signatures, place it in your home or backyard for something you'll look back on forever. ($550, etsy.com)

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save the date wedding sign
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Date Sign Guest Book

We love versatile wedding day décor. Not only is this perfect for signing on your wedding day, but also so great for a wedding announcement on your save the dates or social media! ($55; etsy.com)

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typewriter guest book art print
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Typewriter Print Album Board

While we're obsessed with the idea of having a typewriter at the wedding, its lack of practicality may not be everyone's thing. Now you can fake it with a framed print for guests to sign —they won't even know the difference! ($37.50; etsy.com)

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personalized wine labels
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Wine Bottle Guest Book Labels

Personalize your wine bottle labels for future celebrations! Have guests sign each at the wedding in place of a guest book. Pop open the bottles according to each anniversary and reminisce with a glass of wine with your hubby—cheers! ($25; etsy.com)