bride with tattoos and groom in bumper cars

Why not embrace the beauty, and wear your ink as modern accessories?  Here are 20 brides from Pinterest and our real weddings that we think sport their tattoos with particular style and aplomb.

bride wearing ruffled, pink dress with tattoos on her arms

Do you pride yourself on your originality?  Then, most likely, your tattoos aren't going to be the only "unconventional" detail of your wedding day. These brides opted to pair their tattoo sleeves with bold, non-traditional wedding dresses in a dainty shade of pink (above and below)!

bride with half sleeve tattoos wearing non-traditional pink dress

While the bride below chose to wear a simple sleeveless wedding dress to show off her wolf tattoo, she also changed into a bright yellow dress and aqua necklace for her reception look.  The colors coordinate beautifully with the background of her tattoo.

bride with wolf tattoo, wearing yellow reception dress

But, yes, you can absolutely wear a traditional wedding dress and put your pretty ink on full display!

bride with tattoos running up arm, wearing a ballgown wedding dress

These two brides (above and below) opted for sweet, feminine dresses and minimal jewelry so that the colors on their arm could really pop!

bride with heavy bangs and a half sleeve of tattoos wearing a strapless wedding dress

So you have a full sleeve?  If your groom does too, make sure that you both show off these designs. You didn't sit in that chair for hours on end for nothing!  We think tattoos look especially cool when juxtaposed with a textured fabric (such as lace or pleats) in a simple silhouette (below).

tattooed bride and groom holding hands

If you love the idea of showing off your tattoos on your wedding day, also make sure to talk to your photographer about taking a few portraits that highlight them. Heavily-detailed, bold tattoos look amazing in black and white shots like the one below, where you can really see each individual leaf on the bride's shoulder.

bride with large tree tattoo on her arm

You can also use your tattoos as inspiration for your wedding color palette. Clearly, you like these colors already.  So, if you've got a bunch of reds and blues on your skin, design your wedding around you!  We love how the bride's bouquet below coordinates with the same hues in the floral art on her arm and back.

bride with tattoos on her arm and shoulder carries large bridal bouquet

Many brides love the look of a shrug with a strapless sweetheart neckline. This bride below can have the look without buying one! Particularly if you are heavily tattooed, find a dress that will create flattering shapes with the existing ink.

heavily tattooed bride with two full sleeves wearing a strapless wedding dress

Brides who want to show off tattoos on their upper back or shoulders also need to be conscious about their wedding hair. Find a cool updo that fits your style and allows your tattoo to be visible.

Smitten & Hooked copy
bride with birdcage and feathers tattooed on her back

This bride's updo with baby's breath seemingly mirrors the tattoo in between her shoulders (below).

powers photography copy

bride with two sparrow tattoos in between her shoulder blades

Have a tattoo a bit lower on your back?  Find a backless gown (above) or simply a strapless one that falls low enough for the entire design to be seen!

bride with birdcage veil and floral tattoo on center of her back

Ribcage tattoos have been all the rage over the last few years. A deep, backless dress with delicate jewelry can perfectly accent your tattoo (below).

bride with text tattoo on her back rib cage

Many brides with tattoos don't have extreme body art, but rather one or two simple pieces. The bride's wrist tattoo (below) is highlighted with a high gold bracelet. Like the chains above, find a great accessory to draw attention to and incorporate your tattoo into your entire wedding look.

bride with floral tattoo on forearm with gold bangle bracelet

Not all brides want to show off their tattoos as a priority. It could be that you don't like your tattoos anymore, or it could be that you've found a dream dress that happens to cover them. One detail that we particularly like is sheer lace which allows the tattoos' colors to peek through, enhancing the pattern of the lace while obscuring the intricacies of the actual tattoo.

bride with purple highlights and tattoos covered up with nude lace wedding dress

The bride above is one of our very favorites from our real weddings. As you can see, she has incredible style, from her violet streaks to her nude Edwardian lace wedding dress. This thicker lace turns her tattoos into a myriad of peek-a-boo colors.

Below, this bride's lace is a bit sheerer, so you can see the outlines and shapes of her tattoos more clearly.

Liraz Zur copy

Of course, with today's emphasis on statement backs, you can easily find a dress that combines sleeveless style and lace, like the modern bride below.

cool bride with red lipstick, heavy bangs, and tattoos on arm and back

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