Whether you're planning a nautical, New England soiree or a laid-back, ocean-front wedding, if your wedding is happening by water than you've probably been checking in with Weddings Waterside (and if you haven't, hop to it!). We're so happy to introduce Kathleen, a true expert on waterside weddings, as our newest guest blogger!

Throughout life, there is no better bit of advice than to make the most of what you have. This is especially true when it comes to wedding planning.

As you begin the planning process, take a good look at what you already have at your disposal and consider how you might integrate these things into your wedding day. Maybe you have an aunt who spent twenty years as a florist, a college roommate who today is a fabulous caterer, or an heirloom wedding dress waiting to be worn by a modern member of the family. These are the details that will make your wedding unique and personal, layered with meaning not only for you, but for your family and guests, as well.

When Beth Bruce became engaged to her British fiancé, David, she knew immediately where she wanted to have their wedding. Beth's parents have a lakefront house in Clearlake, CA, where Beth spent every summer beginning at the age of 7. Why look any further for a wedding venue when you have a beautiful, nostalgic spot right in your own backyard?

Wedding guests were seated with a spectacular view of the sparkling lake, white flower petals shaped a heart at the ceremony location, and paper lanterns decorated tree branches. Both the petals and the lanterns are a great idea for an outdoor wedding, especially if you don't need to contend with too much of a breeze off the water.

Adding an element of surprise and a nod to the lake lifestyle, Beth and her parents arrived to the ceremony via boat and walked down their dock together to the ceremony.

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Photos by: Zoe Lonergan