The bride and groom embrace each other.

In April Heather Elizabeth Photography photographed the hell out of the Rock 'n' Roll Hollywood wedding with a touch of Gothic appeal, mixed with a bit of Nightmare before Christmas of Lindsey and Justin.

The couple's wedding rings.
Dangly, diamond tear drop earrings.
The bride's elegant, vintage gown and floral birdcage veil.
Close up of round diamond jewelry.
A United States Air Force camouflage garter.
Bridesmaids help the bride into her dress as she applies make up and nail polish.
The gothic bride applies lipstick in the mirror as she gets ready.
The bride's wedding shoes alongside the bridesmaids' red shoes.
Gothic, dark red floral wedding bouquet resting by a rustic fence.
The groom poses in his blue Air Force uniform.
The flower girl in a poofy dress looks out of a large window.
The gothic, tattoed bride poses in her vintage wedding gown and red bouquet.
The bride and her bridesmaids hold their red bouquets.
The bride poses with her bridesmaids in their black dresses.
The bride and groom pose with their gothic styled wedding party.
Air Force groom poses with his groomsmen in their black tuxedos and red ties.
Gothic bride with a chest tattoo poses in her dress, birdcage veil and vintage earrings.
Vintage style photo of the gothic, tattooed bride.
The gothic bride in her wedding dress, birdcage veil and dark red lipstick.
The bride shows the ring bearer her red floral bouquet.
The bride holds her gothic, dark red rose bouquet of flowers.
Air Force groom embraces his bride as she closes her eyes.
The couple share a kiss and make silly faces with each other.
The groom in his Air Force uniform alongside his gothic, tattoed bride.
The groom's Air Force shoes and the bride's tattoed foot in her black wedding heels.
The couple share a laugh and make silly faces as they pose with each other.
Gothic, tattoed bride poses with her groom in his Air Force uniform by a fountain.
Small candles resting in a black, wrought iron candle holder.
The gothic, tattoed bride stands at the altar with her groom.
The couple hold hands together as they stand at the altar in front of a fireplace.
The bride gestures "yes!" as she holds her groom's hand at the altar.
The couple walk arm in arm down the aisle.
Wedding sign with the bride and groom's names and wedding date.
Black and white seating chart on a large wedding poster.
Nightmare Before Christmas font style table numbers.
Red floral centerpieces and tea lights adorn the reception venue.
The gothic, tattooed bride smiles as she sits with the flower girl at the reception.
Nightmare Before Christmas themed thank you wedding favor on red napkins.
Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding cake adorned with red flowers.
The couple cut into their Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding cake.
Close up of the details on the Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding cake.
Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding decor.
The groom in his Air Force uniform and his groomsmen smoke their cigars.
The groom and his groomsmen in their red and black wedding attire.
A vintage golden chandelier.
The couple share a dance on the dance floor in front of their guests.
The couple share a kiss under a vintage chandelier on the dance floor.
The groom dips his bride as the two share a kiss.

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