Amy and Emily's wedding is filled with personal touches and East Coast elegance (LOVE their gorgeous wedding venue!). Read below for their thoughts on making a wedding feel completely like your own and the coolest ceremony tradition I've ever heard of--ring warming! Thank you so much to the very talented Aubrey Greene for sharing!


What was your vision?
Our family and friends are very important to us, so we worked with our celebrant, Alisa, on
a few ways to include them in the ceremony. We settled on a "ring warming" where the
wedding rings are tied together and passed around to all the guests during the ceremony to
be returned in time for the exchange of rings. Each guest is asked to take the rings in their
hands and, for a brief and silent moment, add good wishes, hopes, prayers, best intentions,
and dreams for the couple and the marriage.
In addition, Emily spent her high school years in Hawaii and wanted to incorporate some
Aloha spirit into the ceremony (in addition to having Emily's high school classmate, Alisa,
perform the ceremony). We did so by having our hands bound together near the end of the
ceremony with a maile lei.
Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?
Since we decided to have a winter wedding in New England, our options were somewhat
limited. We looked at a few different places, but when we walked into the Lenox it felt right.
It has a wonderful timeless Boston feel to it and we knew that the Dome Room would be
great for both the ceremony and the reception. It is located downtown so it afforded our
guests the opportunity to explore Boston. We also loved the window in the room so much
that it became the centerpiece of our wedding invitations.
What was the most meaningful part of your day?
It is difficult to pinpoint the most meaningful part of the day as each part held significance.
There is something special, however, about standing up in front of the people you love the
most, who are there to support you, and commit to spending the rest of your life together
with someone. So when Alisa wrapped our hands together with the maile lei and infused it
with the spirit of Aloha that certainly was very meaningful.
Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?
There was a slight mishap during the "ring warming" portion of our ceremony. A guest
dropped the rings into one of the large hurricane candles along the aisle and then reached
in around the flame to retrieve them! Some wax ended up on the ribbon, which made it
challenging for the bridesmaids to untie the rings.
Tell us about your other wedding activities.
We had a rehearsal dinner, which was held conveniently at Solas in the Lenox. We had a bar
area to ourselves, and Emily's dad delivered a heartfelt "ode" (delivered standing on a chair)
to kick off the weekend's festivities.
How did you know your partner was "the one"?
We dated for seven wonderful years before getting married. It was just a feeling of this is the
person that I want to go on adventures with forever. Be it adventures to the grocery store, in
the mountains, owning a home for all of life's adventures I want this person by my side.
Any advice you'd give new couples who are just getting started?
Start with thinking about what you want your wedding to feel like. We wanted it to feel
warm, simple, full of love, friends and family. So, that was helpful in deciding on colors,
flowers and other details. Second, accept your family and friends' offers to help with
planning and details; their special talents are invaluable. Emily's stepmother and family friend
created our beautiful wedding invitations with an original watercolor of the Boston skyline as
seen through a window at the Lenox. Amy's mother made jars of jelly as gifts for the guests.
Third, find moments to enjoy the process. There are really fun things like food and cake
tasting, trying on dresses or formal wear. There are also times of stress, which is inevitable in
planning a giant party, so it helps to enjoy moments as well. Finally, on the day of the
wedding, take it in as much as possible as it flies by. Trust that everything will happen as it is
supposed to and, if something doesn't go quite right, it really doesn(t matter! It will just be a
story you can tell on your 50th anniversary (see: ring warming).

Photographer: Aubrey B. Greene Photography
Location: The Lenox Hotel, Boston, MA
Coordinator: Alison Majka, The Lenox Hotel
Cake: The Icing On The Cake
Flowers: The Singing Flower
DJ: Greg Wymer
Dress: Amy, Vows Bridal; Emily, Berkachi Bridal Boutique