The bride and groom hold hands as they walk with each other.

You are going to find this hard to believe, but Andrea and Jack's wedding came together in just over four months. Thanks to very helpful and talented friends, this event turned out beautifully! From the DIY cake topper (note the height difference, which mimics the 13" difference between Andrea and Jack) to the autumnal wreaths decorating the pews and chairs, no one would ever guess that this wedding didn't take a year to plan! We are so thankful to Gina and Tony Photographers for sharing this very special day with us!

Close up of the silver beading atop the bride's wedding dress.
A diamond hairpiece is added to the bride's hair as she stands in her wedding dress.
The bride adjusts her birdcage veil as she looks at herself in the mirror.
The bride's bright red wedding shoes.
A small diamond bracelet rests atop the fall themed wedding invitation.
The bride's autumnal multi-colored bouquet resting among leaves.
Close up of the vintage brooch on the bride's bouquet.
Close up of the groom's tuxedo, including a red tie, vest and boutonniere.
The groomsmen get ready for the ceremony.
The groom stands in his black tuxedo as his bride approaches him from behind.
The bride reaches for her groom as he waits to see her for the first time.
The couple hug each other as they stand along a path surrounded by bushes.
The couple share a kiss surrounded by greenery on a path in a forest.
The bride rests her head against the groom's arm as she holds her bouquet.
The bride flashes her red wedding shoes as she smiles and poses with her groom outside.
The bride smiles with her bridesmaids, all dressed in red and holding their colorful bouquets.
The bride and groom pose with their entire wedding party all holding paper umbrellas.
Wedding decor, including gold letters, a tree and floral centerpiece and a microphone.
Wedding decor, including autumnal wreaths and tree slabs wrapped in colorful berries.
A pink flower rests among the branches of one of the centerpieces.
The groomsmen smile and watch the ceremony in their tuxedos and matching boutonnieres.
The couple smile at each other as they hold hands at the altar.
The couple watches as three singers serenade them and the crowd.
The newlyweds raise their arms at the altar as guests look on.
The couple walk out as guests cheer and blow bubbles.
Mr. and Mrs. wreaths wrapped in red berries and pink flowers on the back of two chairs.
Asian-inspired wedding favors and yellow and orange berries surrounding a small glass jar.
A small red and white favor card resting in a small tree stump for wedding guests.
Red, orange and yellow centerpieces alongside lists for the wedding guests.
The wedding reception tables, including red, yellow and orange flowers and silverware.
Rustic, eco-friendly centerpiece featuring a tree adorned with red and pink flowers.
Rustic, autumnal wedding decor, including small fall colored favors.
The couple's small white wedding cake adorned with a cake topper of the couple.
Various wedding reception decor, including the cake topper and silverware.
The couple cut into their small, white wedding cake surrounded by red flowers.
The bride smiles as she leads her groom out onto the dance floor.
The groom receives a hug and a kiss from his mother at the reception.
The bride and groom share a dance out on the floor with their guests.
The bride and groom share a kiss as they hold gold letters spelling out the word love.

Andrea's list of wedding planning advice:

  • Be flexible!  Everything is going to be beautiful and amazing and so fun the day of so don't sweat the small stuff nobody will notice and you won't want to, or get the chance to, pay attention to the day of.  Figure out the few things that are important, and get those right -for us it was picking the right photographers (we didn't know we were getting the best ever), having a meaningful ceremony, and for having an rocking party with drinks and dancing.


  • Recruit your friends to help, and utilize their talents!  It is more meaningful, and cheaper, to thank them with a generous gift card!


  • Try to avoid fighting with your mom, you don't want to taint this process.  This time is just as meaningful and exciting to her as it is for you.... just appease her silly requests, no matter how outdated or expensive they seem.  But make sure this wedding is what you want, and reflects you and your boo.


  • I had to make decisions fast, and I liked it.  I did not debate over stationary choices or even my dress (I shopped and bought my dress in a week).  If you look at too many choices, you get confused about what you like in the first place. Try to stick with one vision for your day, and make a decision you are happy with, without considering what else might be out there. No regrets!


  • Enjoy every minute of the day!  Do not allow yourself to get stressed the day of, it is too short to not enjoy ( I admit, I was stressed the morning of about trying to get all the planning of details perfect, and broke down into tears, but I got it out of my system, and took some quiet time by myself while I got my make-up done, and everything else was so fun!)  I also asked my maid-of-honor to ask all the bridesmaids to not overwhelm me with questions about the details the day of.  Take time away if you need it, and make it known what you need from everyone around you. It's your day, and everyone wants to fawn over you, so enjoy that power!


  • Everyone says the whole day is a blur, but I remember every detail, because I tried so hard to enjoy it all!


  • Get sleep the week before, and night before- it's a LONG day! Stay hydrated and eat throughout the day!  I had a Jimmy Johns sandwich in my dress 15 min before walking down the aisle, put some lipstick on and felt so ready for that very special moment!



Photographer: gina&tony|photographers
Venue and Catering: Metropolis Ballroom in Arlington Heights, IL
Dress: Mori Lee
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Event Planning and flowers: Leslie Ng, friend of the bride
DIY Projects: reception & ceremony decor, centerpieces, cake topper