Bernadette and Evan's Sacramento wedding has so many details to inspire you! From their sleek color palette (black and white with hints of yellow) to their cake pops wedding cake, this DIY gem is very Pinterest-worthy! Thank you to Drozian Photoworks for sharing another amazing day with us!


What was your vision?

Evan proposed with a Tiffany's yellow diamond and I knew I wanted to incorporate the theme of vintage Tiffany's and yellow in the wedding as it reminded me of the day we were engaged (and that stunning ring is the most beautiful thing I will ever own).

The (Audrey Hepburn) Tiffany's theme was interwoven through the black A- line bridesmaid dresses. I handmade the bridesmaids' pearl bracelets and personalized them by including pictures of their mothers. It was a tribute to the previous generation of women that paved the way for us to participate in life's great moments.

Any DIY projects?

Aside from the location, our wedding was one big DIY project. The groom's mother coordinated and made bouquets, the decorations were nearly all handmade or borrowed, and I made many of my own accessories.

After trying on veils and realizing how expensive they were, I made my own veil for less than $5 with tulle, glue and ribbon.
I saw that belts (even on Etsy) ranged from $100-$600 so I also made my own belt by finding inexpensive $10 decals, glue, and ribbon. I really wanted an expensive version, but at the end of the day, that belt was the last thing on my mind.

We knew the summers near Sacramento could be hot, so we wanted fans as programs. I didn't want a one-page program so I was able to find a template online for a multi-page program. The fans served two purposes for the price of one, so that made us happy. The total cost for the programs was under $50 for paper and a grommet gun.

I created my own brooch bouquet, which included many facets of my life. I drilled out the interior and put in poster lights so it would glow at night. I hadn't seen a light-up bouquet and was determined for my broach bouquet to be unique. I included my first watch (Evan has a minor watch obsession), a broach that was given to me in high school that says "queen", a broach from my favorite pair of shoes in college (where I met Evan), a cameo broach to represent our honeymoon in Italy, a hot air balloon broach that represents the day we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on a hot air balloon, and a globe to represent the many years we have to travel the world together.

We had lots of little personal touches throughout the wedding that reflected our personalities and interests. For example, I was an English major in college so I refurbished an old book with binding that read "The Love Story of Bernadette and Evan" for the ring bearer to use. As a police officer, Evan takes fingerprints regularly, so we played on that by having our guests give their "fingerprints" in our guest book. Guests made fingerprint people, scenes, signatures, etc. and surprisingly, we learned that our family and friends are incredibly artistic and now those pages serve as really unique, beautiful artwork in our home.


Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?

It was important for us to have the wedding in between our hometowns and where we were going to live after we were married. Grand Island Mansion, just outside Sacramento, was a perfect fit between our hometowns and our new location together in the Bay Area.

What was the most meaningful part of your day?

There was moment at the end of the night where the two of us were lighting our sparklers, about run down and surprise all of our guests by jumping in the pool. I'll never forget it because we were alone and looked at each other and said "We did it!" It was nice to take that moment with one another and soak in the day. My advice to brides is to take 5 minutes out of the day or night to go to a private area where the two of you can live in the moment.

How did your relationship start?
From the day I met Evan at CSU, Chico, he just never went away (thank goodness). We met during our last semester in college when I signed up at the gym he worked at. The next day, I saw him in my Nutrition class. The day after, he passed me in the hall, and then we were on an elevator together, and later in the week he walked into my biomedical ethics class. I remember kidding with my roommates that night, stating "Either this guy is stalking me or it is fate." We saw each other nearly every day and became friends. In college, however, we were dating other people. Never did I think that 6 years later, we'd be getting married.