If you need a little fashion inspiration, you have come to the right wedding! From Courtney's side ponytail perfection to her bridesmaids' LBDs this wedding is the epitome of casual romance. Be sure to read below for Courtney's reflections on wedding planning! Thank you to Shutterchic for sharing this beautiful wedding with us!


What was your vision for your wedding?


We wanted our day to be filled with joy and one that we could celebrate with all of the people we love.  We wanted all of the people that have helped us grow throughout life to be a part of the day with us.  We wanted to ceremony to reflect our love for one another and our love for the Lord. The details were simple, yet meaningful and just our style.


Any special details?


It seemed as if almost every little detail had some meaning to us. I chose to use tulips since they are my favorite flower. My sister and my mom made the sash that I wore for my wedding dress. A couple of close friends made a special cake and cupcakes for me to eat since I can't eat gluten. One part of the ceremony that was so very special to us was when we washed each other's feet. We wanted this to be a representation of how we wanted to live for the rest of our lives; striving to show one another unconditional love, humbleness, and selflessness. We had so much fun throughout the day and we hope all of our guests were able to share in that joy as well!


Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?


The ceremony at Greenwood Community Church held a very special meaning to both of us. Each of us had grown up going to church there. We had grown to know and love the Lord there, and all of the relationships we made with people there helped us grow as individuals. It was also the place we had met for the first time in 6th grade youth group, so it was very special for it also to be the place where we got married.


What was the most meaningful part of your day?


The whole day was such a joy it is hard to pick the single most meaningful part of the day. We were just overwhelmed with how many people were there and how every single one of them had played a role in our lives. We also took a moment to pray together before the ceremony, but without seeing one another. It was such a sweet moment for the two of us.


Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?


Our reception venue was an indoor/outdoor venue, and it just so happened the only part of the evening indoors was the dinner.  During the dinner, it started pouring rain for about 5 minutes. Then the rain passed, and it was time to head back outside and hit the dance floor.


Tell us details of the events surrounding the wedding as well.


We had a very fun cocktail hour at Chris' parents' house with all of the family and friends that had traveled out of town for the wedding. We also had a wonderful rehearsal dinner on Friday evening, and some of our family and guests even got together for dinner and relaxing the day after the wedding.


How did you know your partner was "the one"?


There were so many reasons I knew Chris was "the one"! I fell in love with his attitude towards life, the way we could laugh together, and how he loved me just for me, flaws and all.  He never took a single day for granted; he was a constant reminder to me to live in the present. Through his words, his actions, and simply the way he looked at me, I was assured that I was truly loved a man that can love me like that is without a doubt "the one".


Any advice you'd give new brides who are just getting started?


I felt like I heard this a lot as a new bride, but it is so very true. Enjoy EVERY moment of the process; it will go by faster than you know. On the big day, just be present and in the moment. Whatever little detail or thing is not quite right will not matter the day will be perfect!




Photographer: ShutterChic Photography

Ceremony Venue: Greenwood Community Church

Reception Venue and Catering: Inverness Hotel and Conference Center

Dress: Cicada at Blue Sky Bridal

Shoes: Nine West

Men's Attire: Vera Wang at Men's Warehouse

Flowers:  Sue Kimball Floral

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