With cold of the season fully here to stay, Emily and Meeko's wedding, as shot by the insanely talented Cameron Ingalls, just seems so fresh, light and...warm, even though a lot of the elements could be pulled for a Fall/Winter wedding (their pumpkin/candle decor and color palette are the two that leap out right away). Plus, I'm a sucker for tutu-ed flower girls and a groom's face when he first sees his bride...

And, be sure to check out Emily's thoughts after the photos. She has great advice for how to keep true to your vision, as well as insight into a lot of the DIY elements that she and her friends created themselves.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story:
Meeko and I met working together at a restaurant in college. He was the older, hunky bartender, and I was the 18 year-old hostess. We worked together for almost 8 months, shamelessly flirting all along, before I successfully FORCED him to ask me out (yes, that's right, I threatened him). After a couple of dates - and we're talking classy dates like dinner at In 'N Out - Meeko asked me to be "his lady." The rest is history.

What was the theme or design inspiration for your wedding?
I am a graphic designer and wanted everything to be simple, chic, vintage inspired, and welcoming. I wanted people to feel like they were on vacation...a mini-destination wedding only 20 minutes from where we live (San Francisco). We had to stick to a budget, and do a lot of DIY projects to keep it authentic and unique. Also, I LOOOOOOVE color, especially yellow, so that was a big source of design inspiration for our entire look and vibe.

Tell us about the bridal attire:
I wore a dress from a local Bay Area designer: Coan Couture. It was simple and perfect. I "borrowed" the most amazing mustard yellow cardigan from my bridesmaid Ellie and pinned a fabulous corsage--made by another bridesmaid Amanda (who also created my hair accessory and all of the bridal party's hair accessories----to die for!) onto it. I wore flats, because, let's be honest, who really wants to wear heels ALL DAY LONG on their wedding day? I wanted to be comfortable, original, and true to my real, everyday style. I think I achieved this by sticking to what I felt best in and not letting anybody else influence my style decisions. I looooooved my outfit!

Favorite design element of your big day:
Oh my gosh, there are SO many!!!! I think my FAVORITE part (aside from all the paper goods I designed with my business partner & bridesmaid Allegra), were the flower girls' outfits. Is that a "design element?" They looked simply delicious in their handmade tutus and ballet flats (custom ordered from Etsy shops!!!) and their adorable hair accessories (Untamed Petals). Seriously, they were beyond adorable. I was also obsessed with the flowers. My "aunt" Bobbie did them ALL and they were perfection to say the least.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?
I think one of the biggest challenges, aside from budget and finances, was sticking to our true style and vision. A wedding quickly becomes about everybody else, and having so many amazingly stylish friends/family means a lot of amazingly stylish opinions. It was difficult at times to filter through all the requests, complaints, ideas, etc., and stay focused on what WE truly wanted and needed. In the end, I think we were hugely successful in doing exactly what was necessary for us and executing a very authentic day. I know that when I look back on our wedding, I will not regret any of our choices...and that makes me very proud.

What advice would you give to a couple planning their wedding?
Hire a wedding day coordinator, not a friend or family member, but a professional. This is HUGE. Seriously, you need somebody to run the show behind the scenes that isn't concerned with getting dressed for the ceremony or partying at the reception. I was beyond thankful to have Julie & Sue to help me throughout the day!

Best advice someone told you at the wedding?
Sheesh, I have no idea!

Any specific reasons behind certain choices you made? Maybe flowers that were mom's favorite, or your first dance song was the first song you ever heard together, that kind of thing?
We ditched the wedding cake (we both dislike cake) for something we loved AND that had sentimental value - It Ice Cream Sandwiches! They are special to us for a couple of reasons: When we first started dating we would take walks through the small college town we lived in to the Newsbeat (a newsstand/candy/convenience store) and get It's together. They are seriously delish! Then we found out a lot later on that my parents did the EXACT same thing together in San Francisco when they first started dating! Crazy, right? AND, finally, when we moved to San Francisco we decided it was a must to serve them at our wedding because they are a San Francisco Original Treat. PERFECTION!

Tell me something about your photographer, Cameron Ingalls.
We are beyond obsessed with the way our photographs turned out from our wedding day. Cameron Ingalls is insanely talented and totally has STYLE! We love how he can capture our emotions and personality so well, and how freaking AWESOME he is with handling all the people and group shots! Holy cow, he is a rock star...I mean we got family pics done in like 20 minutes. WE LOVE CAMERON! Seriously, all you brides-to-be...HIRE THIS MAN!

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