The bride and groom embrace each other in front of their wedding party.

Hannah and Brandon decided on a fun, modern take on a 1920s theme for their wedding. Held at Castle Farms, prepare for loads of pink and black, lacy details, and one delicious looking cake! And most of the wedding details are courtesy of the couple's own Etsy site, PinkPearlsWhiteLace. Thank you to Phrene Exquisite for providing us with such a light-hearted and inspirational day!

The bride's vintage dress adorned with a bow and her pink wedding shoes.
The bride slips into her pink wedding shoes.
The bride's floral vintage headpiece and birdcage veil and pink flowers.
The bride's sparkly pink wedding high heel shoes.
Diamond and silver drop earrings in a white jewelry box.
Vintage white floral headpiece and birdcage veil and pearl floral necklace and bracelet.
Pink comical wedding poster and colorful bouquets of flowers line the wedding aisle.
Elegant vintage wedding programs on a pink cloth in a wooden basket.
The bridesmaids hold their small wedding bouquets with their vintage black hand gloves.
The bride stands with her wedding bouquet in front of wedding guests.
The couple share a kiss in front of the venue.
The groom's pink tie and floral boutonniere.
The bridesmaid's vintage black floral headband, hand glove and pink wedding shoes.
The bride and her bridesmaids reveal their pink and black wedding gloves and shoes.
The couple embrace each other in front of their wedding party.
The bride poses with her bridesmaids in their grey and pink dresses and vintage floral headbands.
The bride's vintage birdcage veil and floral headpiece as she poses with her groom.
The couple embrace each other as they stand on rocks by the water and trees.
The bride flashes her wedding ring and her silver and pearl necklace.
The couple pose together on a rocky path by stones and trees.
The bride's vintage hand gloves and red bouquet and the groom's classic black tuxedo.
The bride and groom pose together on a vintage pink bicycle.
The bride and groom hold a cloth flyer with the word "love" and two red hearts.
Purple, white and pink reception decor under hanging string lights.
A large, romantic centerpiece with a floating candle and tea light candles.
Vintage accessories adorn a table at the wedding reception.
Retro pink bicycle.
Wedding reception decor, including a table of drinks and jars of striped straws.
Glass of an orange drink with a pink and white striped straw.
Jar of tea alongside two glass jars of striped grey, pink and white straws at the wedding reception.
Close up of the white wedding cake adorned with flowers and a bird's nest with a pink and blue bird.
White wedding cake adorned with pink, green and white flowers and a bird's nest cake topper.
Decorative, romantic pink wedding reception decor.
The couple walk through a crowd of their guests holding sparklers.

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