The bride's colorful bouquet and striped socks and black shoes and the groom's black sneakers.

Sometimes a girl just knows what she wants. Enter Traci. She knew she wanted a wedding filled with her own DIY projects, plenty o' nods to "Alice in Wonderland," and and to leave her guests inspired by her creativity. Success! James and Traci had a fun, offbeat, and completely original event, all photographed by Hales Studio.

The groom and his groomsmen sit and pose on a retro red couch in their tan vests and sneakers.
The colorful wedding bouquets and a bride poses in her purple bridesmaid dress.
A bridesmaid hold her colorful wedding bouquet of flowers.
The bride's striped white and black socks and black wedding shoes.
The bride holds her colorful bouquet as she and the groom embrace each other.
The tattooed groom poses with his groomsmen in their tan vests and colored ties.
The bride poses in her blue wedding gown, birdcage veil and small hat atop her red and black hair.
The bride walks down a flight of carpeted stairs alongside her father holding her bouquet.
View of the venue.
A vintage pocket watch alongside retro clocks and tea cups at the reception.
Decorative vintage tea cups and china plates.
Striped red and white straws inside of red china ware and vintage tea cups on a table.
Vintage tea cups and china plates at the wedding reception.
Striped red and white straws inside of vintage tea cups and decorative china.
Striped red and white straws tied with ribbon and small cards at the reception.
The tattooed groom spins his bride in her blue dress at the reception.
The couple laugh and embrace each other at the reception.
Striped red and white straw with a sign in a drink at the reception.


Photographer: Hales Studio

Venue: Yankee Pedlar Inn

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