How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story:

We met in school and we were friends for years. We had admired each other from afar, though Keith had made clear his feelings for some time. Then, when a change in circumstances took place, we took the next step and never looked back.

What was the theme | design inspiration for your wedding?
We wanted everything to be bright, fun, and individualized. We wanted to be surrounded by people we love and for those people to feel special and involved.

Tell us about the bridal attire:
Alicia wanted to feel like a princess for a day, so the dress had to reflect that. It was elegant, timeless, and, of course, sparkly!

Favorite design element of your big day:
For Keith, it was individualized cuff links he got each of his groomsmen. He got each of them cuff links that expressed that person's personality, or something the two of them shared together. It was a nice way to make the day a shared experience among all the guys.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?
For sure, it was picking the reception venue. Most of the logistics start and end here, so there were a lot of other choices that would be affected by the venue. But, rather than settle, we kept on looking, even though it meant pushing back our original time frame. It was worth it because we found a place we both loved.

What advice would you give to a couple planning their wedding?
We tried to make sure that the wedding, and its planning, stayed true to its purpose. That is, we wanted it to be a celebration of who we are and the happiness we've found in each other. Our advice would be to never lose sight of that and get overwhelmed by the day, and try to enjoy every minute of it.

Whether in the "toast", or in a ceremony reading, or just in passing, what was the best advice someone gave you at the wedding?
The homily: you have to choose to love each other every day.

What's your favorite part of the wedding?
The exchanging of the vows - the ceremony was intimate and romantic and it was incredible to share all of that love with our friends and family.

Tell me something about your photographer, Beth Keiser.
Realism and intimacy. Beth truly captures good lighting, giving the photos a depth, realism, warmth and intimacy that makes them feel like a good book. Besides the photos themselves, she is a dedicated artist and worker who really did a great job for us. Her kindness, enthusiasm and patience really added to our enjoyment of the day (not to mention her incredible memory - she impressively had memorized the names of all of our family members and our 20-person wedding party before she even got there!).

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